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Talkfree7 is a mission to ‘educate’ / unearth / dig the best and cheapest to free means to call /SMS for free from web to phone, pc to pc or phone to phone. 

We here at Talkfree7 try our best to get glimpse of such free INTERNATIONAL VoIP resources. In one of the last post I got you introduced with a nice Blog for making free VoIP calls, it was : 

Now continuing in that series the wonder guy Madhur Bhargava (he owes the blog) is doing a very hard work in bringing some nice free VoIP calls applications, and his another Blog is a jewel in the crown:

Madhur’s Blogs specializes in providing free info for Unlimited Free Pc to Phone Calls, Free VOIP Phone Calls to India, Worldwide VOIP Forum! Cheap unlimited VOIP Calls Europe and much more. Talkfree7 recommends your esteemed visit here. Wish him a great VoIP career ahead...

Cheers : )

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