VoIP Calls: Steganographic Secret Hidden Messages


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Cheap Unlimited or Free VoIP / MoIP Calls could lure anyone but be on alert next time when you make an Internet VoIP call over PC to Phone or phone to phone cheap VoIP and the voice quality makes a fuss / sounds abnormal!

Somebody might have zipped any secret message between data packets that carry caller's voice. Your VoIP / Wireless or LAN might have been hijacked or may be used as a covert channel for VoIP / wireless streams?!

Steganography: According to Wikipedia, "The word steganography is of Greek origin and means "covered or hidden writing".

www.nit.eu is developing a technology, "steganographic" system for VoIP calling networks.

So what is steganography, as we know it? It is a method of making / writing / embedding messages in hidden mode in communications that the only sender and the intended recipients could decode it and no body other even could realize that there is / was a hidden message attached to the VoIP / LAN / Wireless streams!

The steganographic messages could be encrypted by supporting software by the intended guy who knew it, and for whom that secret hidden message was being transmitted, aired or being streamed over VoIP protocol.

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