A nice collection of free online games targeted towards children, kids safe free online games, especially for young girls. Nice site by Shradha Agarwal : )

FreeFairyGames is good for: Free Online Fairy Tales Games, Barbie, Dress Up Games, Baby Girls' Games, Power Puff Girls, Dolls, Toddlers, Free Online Kids Games, Simple Games, Flash, 3D Animation Games, Puzzle, Race Speed Action Thrill Games, Shoot Games, Miniclip, Sports, Nick, Learning, Kids Safe, PSP, Game boy Nintendo, Zapak, Video Games, Virtual World Games, Games, Board, Quiz, Scrabble, Chess, Adventure, Fun, Mobile Games, Championships, Jigsaw, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Monopoly, Coloring, Hairstyles, Sudoku, Arcade

We wish may meet some fairies in the heavens when it touches the heights of the sky Dreams may come true : )

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