Free Video Conferencing Calls Iraq, US Military Families 

The US Independence Day: July 4th, will be a private free 30 minutes hotline video conferencing calls day to Iraq for the families and friends of the US troops / armed forces / US military stationed in Iraq. 

The TANDBERG had team up the Freedom Calls Foundation to Connect via free video calls: the troops with friends and families! 

So reserve a free video call time, interested military families should submit the request form at: or may contact Lisa Watts at [email protected] The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, June 25 at 5 p.m. 

Tandberg is located in New York and Norway and is an international service provider of high definition videoconferencing, tele presence, mobile video products etc. 

Freedom Calls Foundation is a Public Charity and they had built a satellite network for enabling video conferencing, phone, and internet to make enable US troops camped in Iraq and Afghanistan so they may keep in touch with their families and friends at US homes -- it is free as there is no internet infrastructure in Iraq etc. 

Talkfree7 : ) 


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