Free International Calling Card: US, Canada Sweepstakes & Offers

Note: (Currently for this, all free phone calls must originate from the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands. They are working to give this to all, the ability to make free International calls from any country.) is a business unit of Gulf Stream Internet, Inc. Florida Corporation. This company which gives free minutes for Local / International free long distance calls to complete or buy offers and sweepstakes via this site. You earn free overseas / local calling minutes by visiting websites, entering the sweepstakes, or may be love to try new products / services. These Free minutes never expire and you may use and call for free any time as you wish.

After joining and free sign up, Phonehog guys will email you a free calling card, by this free calling card you may call any phone to any phone (from US / Canada) or as you wish and this is not only the Internet calling (VoIP).

The another email will present you to take part in FREE offers /sweepstakes to complete and such offers etc., all free, butif you wish to buy than you get additional 4 free 'PHONEHOG' minutes on spending each $ 1) to call long distance international.

They have Phonehog mall and you can shop with some nice online retailers, if you wish like: Sony Music, Barnes & Noble, OfficeDepot,, The Sports Authority, Lands' End, Hallmark, Baby Outlet etc.

If you can refer your friends or make a few referrals somehow, than you can add more additional free long distance calling minutes to your free calling card.

They further say, do not switch your current long distance dialing service, as "You'll just call a toll free access number in order to use your free calling card."


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