Cheap VoIP STD Calls India to India??

India to India local long distance STD calls could be just 0.15 paise and local calls could be absolutely free on own networks in India if government allows local / domestic Internet telephony in India, this is what The Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) claims. 

Now various telcos route their domestic phone calls through the IP network, you know that IP telephony (VoIP) in even the developed countries like US and Singapore is still unregulated, thus results a fall in the call rates. E.g. the US $2.5 (Rs 100) calling card will offers a 30 whopping minute call to India from the US, if local internet telephony too starts than you can yourself think of the free calls to unlimited cheap calls whole the day! 

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Admin said...

Wow! Very eager, when will it come to effect. It would mean to call indiait would be lot cheaper. Thanks to voip.

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