Airtel, OnMobile: Mobile Back Up, Data Retrieval Starts

India: Bharti Airtel, OnMobile Global, Maxis (Malayasia), and Indosat (Indonesia) have started a mobile phone data back up / retrieval service and is claimed to be unique.

This allows the customers to retrieve mobile data after the loss or theft of the cell phone, but currently it works only on smart high end java based mobile handsets. This application is called over the air mobile. It needs a user ID with a PIN for accessing the required info. All of the info is stored than later could be transmitted to the digital vault via GPRS / EDGE, the security is that only the client could access his vault.

This unique solution will provide customers with a data retrieval / data back up service, videos, and list of contacts, stored images and other files etc. stored in mobile phone memory.

Initially, the service is free but later a monthly subscription fees could be slapped.

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