Free Video Conferencing Calls Iraq, US Military Families 

The US Independence Day: July 4th, will be a private free 30 minutes hotline video conferencing calls day to Iraq for the families and friends of the US troops / armed forces / US military stationed in Iraq. 

The TANDBERG had team up the Freedom Calls Foundation to Connect via free video calls: the troops with friends and families! 

So reserve a free video call time, interested military families should submit the request form at: or may contact Lisa Watts at [email protected] The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, June 25 at 5 p.m. 

Tandberg is located in New York and Norway and is an international service provider of high definition videoconferencing, tele presence, mobile video products etc. 

Freedom Calls Foundation is a Public Charity and they had built a satellite network for enabling video conferencing, phone, and internet to make enable US troops camped in Iraq and Afghanistan so they may keep in touch with their families and friends at US homes -- it is free as there is no internet infrastructure in Iraq etc. 

Talkfree7 : ) 


Free International Calls China to US and Japan 

Linkwell International (HK) Co., Ltd's is offering free to cheap International / overseas calls (mobile) to its registered global users which from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan to many countries like USA, India, UAE, Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, UK, Vietnam, Thailand etc. 

28TEL offers a very cheap direct global dialing, roaming free and free calls. To make a free international call 28tel gives its users a local calling number, which connects you to international call free of charge and you can talk unlimited free on that international call.

Talkfree7 : )

Cheap VoIP STD Calls India to India??

India to India local long distance STD calls could be just 0.15 paise and local calls could be absolutely free on own networks in India if government allows local / domestic Internet telephony in India, this is what The Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) claims. 

Now various telcos route their domestic phone calls through the IP network, you know that IP telephony (VoIP) in even the developed countries like US and Singapore is still unregulated, thus results a fall in the call rates. E.g. the US $2.5 (Rs 100) calling card will offers a 30 whopping minute call to India from the US, if local internet telephony too starts than you can yourself think of the free calls to unlimited cheap calls whole the day! 

2000 Free Pingo International Calling Cards for Talkfree7 Readers' 

Talkfree7 : )

Win 3 Skypephone Mobile Contest

They are giving away 100 lucky readers, a 3 Skypephone daily. The 3 Skypephone is a nice looking cell pone with camera, it allows you to call and (IM) instant message your friends on Skype for free. 

Talkfree7 : )

Pingo Free Global Calling Cards: Giveaway, Grab Yours, Up to 1-Hour Free International Calls

PINGO is a name that matters and is a nice name and like the name specializes in selling cheap virtual global calling cards ONLY in the virtual world. Pingo is a service of iBasis, one of the world's leading international long distance carriers with superior voice quality.

When you use Pingo, you don't have to change your phone company or your mobile carrier.

Using PINGO anybody can make very cheap unlimited international calls starting from 40 countries to 200 countries with nice voice quality. 

Even it is cheaper with many of your national carriers, just compare and try the voice quality! 

Pingo is also the provider of voice traffic to Yahoo Voice, Verizon, Skype, AT&T, Sprint etc and also carry 1.2 billion+ minutes every year since 1997.

Talkfree7 will be one year old coming Aug 28, 2008. To celebrate our first anniversary with our readers we had arranged and are giving away 2000 (yep, two thousand: first come first served basis) free Pingo international calling cards to our readers absolutely free of cost in association with Pingo, thanks to Brian Hawkins @ Pingo, for joining & making a fabulous Talkfree7's anniversary celebrations : )

The Talkfree7's, Pingo calling cards are free and can be redeemed for approx one hour of international calling, but we need your affection too with us so to qualify for a free one hour overseas calling card you have just to do this: 

1. Digg this link: 

Free Pingo Global Calling Card for Talkfree7 Readers: Giveaway, Talkfree7 First Anniversary Celebrations

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2. Digg this link: 
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3. After doing point 1 & 2, send us a mail to [email protected] and show the links where did you link back us as described above in point 1 and 2. You will receive a free calling card detail in your email (the offer is limited to first 2000 qualifying participants, with no last date. 

4. (Optional) Promote (with no spam, or you will be disqualified), share with your friends, family so they too can win a free Pingo calling card. 

5. If you wish you can gift these amazing Talkfree7 / Pingo international / long distance calling cards to your family or friends living overseas so they too can talk you for free up to 1 hours : ) 

6. No credit card or any other thing required to make free calls from these calling cards, 

7. The decision of Talkfree7 & Pingo will be final & binding in all regards, 

8. ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM of any kind please or you will be disqualified forever, we will track you. 

9. If you love the calling card and its quality share and advertise Talkfree7 / Pingo on the web, leave a comment / testimonal here for other readers'. 

10. Bookmark / Share / Subscribe / Visit Talkfree7 daily for our BIG surprise any day! Thank you. 

Cheers : )

Olympic Games: International Cheap Calls From Beijing

Olympic Prepaid Cheap Mobile Phone Cards: by China Mobile

Planning to witness the maha Kumbh of sports, Beijing (China) Olympic 2008? There you can save funds by making some cheap international calls from China to your respective countries, by using the special cheap calling cards from China Olympic. 

They have a special package for you consisting:

Special package for Beijing 2008 Olympic athletes and spectators 

Free minutes international calls to USA or other countries

Unlimited MMS uploads to CBS iMobile Community

2GB Storage on CBS iMobile Community for photo and video Sharing 

Free SIM card with local Chinese mobile number for easy access...

International Free Calls: Dubai to Philippines

Khaleejtimes reports that small income Filipinos / Pinoys working in Gulf, Northern Emirates and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) could make absolutely 100% free International calls to their loved ones in Philippines on June 13, 2008, courtesy Du, the telecom operator of UAE.

These free calls from UAE to Philippines would be available at Al Nasr Leisure land from 11 am onwards on June 13, 2008 for whole of the day.

In Dubai this offer is made available by the leading UAE carrier DU to commemorate the 110th Philippines Independence, also a job fair would be organized there.

Also Du recently had stopped the free Skype VoIP calls in UAE free zones and now they have their own cheap international call plans to the rest of the world / overseas from UAE

Du recently has heavily slashed its International calling rates from UAE to overseas and in the Gulf / UAE the guys can save upto 60% on International calls via DU network.


Germany Free Mobile Calls: 1000 Call Minutes Free 

Germany's Ja Mobil is offering 1000 free calls minutes to its prepaid customers, if they sign up between June 7th to 21st, 2008. 

Oops! I can not give more details as the site is NOT in English, its German to me : ) and translation is not helping me perhaps, may be my Talkfree7 Germany readers may make a comment here with more info. 

Cheers : )

Apple iPhone Free Calls: Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi

The wonder handheld gadget of the century Apple iPhone soon would be able to make free unlimited Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi calls.

Free Calls legally from Apple iPhone using Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi will be a reality now. The VoIP company iCall is working on the very first iPhone application which would offer unlimited free iPhone calls over WiFi.

Cheap Unlimited Calls from Pakistan to North America, UK, Canada, Australia

From Pakistan to (North America, Canada {Ontario & Montreal}, UK, Australia) unlimited long distance Phone to Phone (non VoIP) local Calls for a flat monthly rental:

If you are in (North America, Canada {Ontario & Montreal}, UK, Australia) than you can have your local Pakistan phone number, you just provide your that local Pakistan phone number to your family, friends, business etc and they will connect / call forward that number to your number in (North America, Canada {Ontario & Montreal UK, Australia) for a local Pakistan charges and thus you and yours will enjoy the cheap international unlimited long distance calls.

On such pattern such calls can be made from here listed countries, i.e. local numbers are available for these countries:

Argentina Brazil Chile El Salvador Guatemala Hungary Mexico Pakistan Panama Poland Peru Portugal Romania Spain Turkey Canada USA Other Countries (UK, Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland...and many more)

So you can receive (in North America, Canada {Ontario & Montreal}, UK, Australia) Unlimited Cheap Calls from:


Argentina Brazil Chile El-Salvador Guatemala Hungary Mexico Pakistan Panama Poland Peru Portugal Romania Spain Turkey Canada USA Other Countries (UK, Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland...and many more)

This call forwarding is also useful when you visit any of the above country and can have a local number there to get connected yourself with yours in (North America, Canada {Ontario & Montreal}, UK, Australia).

For Information and activation Call 1-800-348-5801 
In London, England call: 44-208-099-5495
In Sydney, Australia call: 61-29-037-8573 


UEFA Euro 2008: Mobile WAP Streaming Scores Live & Free

Austria-Switzerland: UEFA Euro 2008

UEFA (European Football Championship) Euro official site: 

About UEFA Euro 2008 

With's mobile portal Talkfree7 global fans now can follow EURO 2008™ live streaming free on the move on mobile or PDA (you may have to pay the data / GPRS charges to your local service provider): 

UEFA Euro 2008: Mobile WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) - Mobile Phone Live Score by ScoresPro: Soccer, Tennis, Formula 1, Basketball.

Access streaming live score service on your cell / mobile phone / any WAP enabled device, just point your cell phone browser to: 

UEFA Euro 2008: Live Scores Free Fresh Streaming 

UEFA Euro 2008: Live Stream Pay per view : 

Freebies, Desktop Alerts, Dream Team, Goal of the day… UEFA Euro 2008 

RSS Feeds: UEFA Euro 2008 

UEFA Euro 2008: Matches Schedule / Time Table 


Free Unlimited Phone Calls Malta (Europe)

According to Wikipedia Malta means Honey : )

So (Honey) Malta, the beautiful European Union nation you can enjoy now free unlimited calls within Malta via Go Fixed line ( to Go fixed line.

Go is the telco of Malta it has announced the national long distance free calls package to Malta people, they now call any time to another fixed line Go users from their Go fixed lines.

The plan is called as, Talk Anytime, and it comes for a flat monthly price of e9.99 (Lm4.29).

Cheers : ) Free Calls Made Easy : )

Talkfree7 is a mission to ‘educate’ / unearth / dig the best and cheapest to free means to call /SMS for free from web to phone, pc to pc or phone to phone. 

We here at Talkfree7 try our best to get glimpse of such free INTERNATIONAL VoIP resources. In one of the last post I got you introduced with a nice Blog for making free VoIP calls, it was : 

Now continuing in that series the wonder guy Madhur Bhargava (he owes the blog) is doing a very hard work in bringing some nice free VoIP calls applications, and his another Blog is a jewel in the crown:

Madhur’s Blogs specializes in providing free info for Unlimited Free Pc to Phone Calls, Free VOIP Phone Calls to India, Worldwide VOIP Forum! Cheap unlimited VOIP Calls Europe and much more. Talkfree7 recommends your esteemed visit here. Wish him a great VoIP career ahead...

Cheers : )

Raketu: Unlimited Cheap Abroad Calls, 46 Nations 

is the developer for peer to peer Internet protocol applications and is an online social networking company which specializes in communications and information technology. 

Raketu announced an unlimited cheap international /(overseas / abroad/ global) calls subscription based flat rate plan for $7.95 a month.

Users could dial international destinations to mobile and land lines both in Raketu’s free zones which are located in 46 countries; these are more than that of Skype’s.

"Raketu free zones = The locations in 46 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom , US Virgin Islands, USA, Vatican City, Venezuela"

This cheap unlimited International call plan will include PC to phone (RakOut) and also phone to phone (RakWeb) calls, and as always PC to PC calls are still free. 

So make cheap or free global calls as and when you need them. 

Additionally, Raketu also launched a free Text / SMS promo for its users : )

Cheers : )


Cheap International Calls From UAE 

Dubai / UAE / Gulf: UAE telco announced nice freetime scheme to initiate cheap unlimited international calls from UAE (Dubai / Gulf), Du will giveaway their mobile consumers 1 fils credit for each second of international calls they make : ) so for full one minute you get 60 fils credit for making any international call.

You can see what you save on calling different countries to call from Du Freetime offer, check here: 

Now one can easily save upto 60% on international calls that will initiate from UAE / Gulf via Du. This freetime offer is for the benefit of all du customers: prepaid, postpaid etc. 

But it does not apply to the international calls made during international roaming : ) i.e. The international call should initiate from UAE / (Gulf) itself.

For the plans, Pay as you Go & Visitor Mobile Line, the consumers will be instantly credited back after the calls and for Monthly Plan and Business Mobile Connect the consumers’ monthly bills will reflect the reverted funds with these credits.

To activate Du Freetime offer call 135 from Du mobile than press 6. 

For more details call Du customer care or visit their above featured site. 

Free Pingo Calling Cards Contest

The above featured FreePcToPhoneCalls Blog is hosting a contest and giving away $50 Pingo calling cards to the winners. The game is simple and user has to do anything described on their Blog.

So by taking part in this sweepstake any individual can win $5 value free Pingo calling card.

Cheers : )

A nice collection of free online games targeted towards children, kids safe free online games, especially for young girls. Nice site by Shradha Agarwal : )

FreeFairyGames is good for: Free Online Fairy Tales Games, Barbie, Dress Up Games, Baby Girls' Games, Power Puff Girls, Dolls, Toddlers, Free Online Kids Games, Simple Games, Flash, 3D Animation Games, Puzzle, Race Speed Action Thrill Games, Shoot Games, Miniclip, Sports, Nick, Learning, Kids Safe, PSP, Game boy Nintendo, Zapak, Video Games, Virtual World Games, Games, Board, Quiz, Scrabble, Chess, Adventure, Fun, Mobile Games, Championships, Jigsaw, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Monopoly, Coloring, Hairstyles, Sudoku, Arcade

We wish may meet some fairies in the heavens when it touches the heights of the sky Dreams may come true : )

ChunkyFreeGames is an online free gaming site targeted towards kids free online games but here anybody can enjoy the online free games news and resources, it’s a nice gaming work done by Kartik Kumar : )

ChunkyFreeGames describes itself as: Free Online Kids Games, Simple Games, Flash, 3D Animation Games, Puzzle Games, Race Speed Action Thrill Games, Shoot Games, Miniclip, Sports Games, Nick, Shinchen, Cartoon Network, Kids Learning, Kids Safe, PSP, Game boy Nintendo DS, Zapak, Video Games, 3D Virtual World Games, Barbie Games, Board Games, Quiz, Scrabble, Chess, Adventure, Fun, Mobile Games, Championships, Jigsaw, Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Monopoly, Coloring, Dressup, Hairstyles, Sudoku, Arcade

Wishing may scale the Everest heights ahead. Wish him all the joy that he can wish...

Free International Calling Card: US, Canada Sweepstakes & Offers

Note: (Currently for this, all free phone calls must originate from the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands. They are working to give this to all, the ability to make free International calls from any country.) is a business unit of Gulf Stream Internet, Inc. Florida Corporation. This company which gives free minutes for Local / International free long distance calls to complete or buy offers and sweepstakes via this site. You earn free overseas / local calling minutes by visiting websites, entering the sweepstakes, or may be love to try new products / services. These Free minutes never expire and you may use and call for free any time as you wish.

After joining and free sign up, Phonehog guys will email you a free calling card, by this free calling card you may call any phone to any phone (from US / Canada) or as you wish and this is not only the Internet calling (VoIP).

The another email will present you to take part in FREE offers /sweepstakes to complete and such offers etc., all free, butif you wish to buy than you get additional 4 free 'PHONEHOG' minutes on spending each $ 1) to call long distance international.

They have Phonehog mall and you can shop with some nice online retailers, if you wish like: Sony Music, Barnes & Noble, OfficeDepot,, The Sports Authority, Lands' End, Hallmark, Baby Outlet etc.

If you can refer your friends or make a few referrals somehow, than you can add more additional free long distance calling minutes to your free calling card.

They further say, do not switch your current long distance dialing service, as "You'll just call a toll free access number in order to use your free calling card."


VoIP Calls: Steganographic Secret Hidden Messages

Interesting read:

Cheap Unlimited or Free VoIP / MoIP Calls could lure anyone but be on alert next time when you make an Internet VoIP call over PC to Phone or phone to phone cheap VoIP and the voice quality makes a fuss / sounds abnormal!

Somebody might have zipped any secret message between data packets that carry caller's voice. Your VoIP / Wireless or LAN might have been hijacked or may be used as a covert channel for VoIP / wireless streams?!

Steganography: According to Wikipedia, "The word steganography is of Greek origin and means "covered or hidden writing". is developing a technology, "steganographic" system for VoIP calling networks.

So what is steganography, as we know it? It is a method of making / writing / embedding messages in hidden mode in communications that the only sender and the intended recipients could decode it and no body other even could realize that there is / was a hidden message attached to the VoIP / LAN / Wireless streams!

The steganographic messages could be encrypted by supporting software by the intended guy who knew it, and for whom that secret hidden message was being transmitted, aired or being streamed over VoIP protocol.

Cheers : )


BSNL Cheap STD, Roaming Calls

India: State owned telecom provider, BSNL is always last but never least. In the throat cut long distance tariff roaming war, finally BSNL has joined the gang as was well expected by the industry Pundits.

Waiver of the access deficit charge (ADC) on STD / long distance calling, the STD has become cheaper in India. The STD / Long distance and roaming rates are now on daily decline in India and each telco is getting it lower to lowest.

Bharti Airtel started this war and Essar Vodafone takes it to Re. 1 a minute per STD calls. Than Airtel again proposed for a Rs 34/- voucher one can make Re 1 STD calls.

Now Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) will any second formally announce the low STD / roaming rates in India ranging Rs 0.70 to Rs 1.20 (currently it is whopping Rs 2.40 per minute), depending upon the plan of the subscriber, including BSNLs landline, mobile prepaid or post paid customers.

Cheap unlimited STD calls cheap telephony are now for ever in India and the days are not far behind when we will enjoy totally unlimited free calls & roaming on our own respective networks on a per month basis flat plans : )

Cheers : )

Mobile Free Unlimited VoIP Calls: Nokia N95 

Unlimited Free Barablu Video Voice Calls

Barablu is a name in Mobile VoIP (MoIP: Mobile Voice over internet protocol) which revolutionized the free VoIP calling between mobile phones / cell phones, PDAs / Mobile devices that sans the geographical boundaries.

Yes unlimited video and voice calls, chat from Barablu to Barablu VoIP / MoIP is always free on selected high end Java enabled mobile handsets like Nokia, Sony Ericsson etc.

In this series now Barablu had added Nokia N series: Nokia N95 mobile handset. Using Nokia N95 handset now anybody can make chat, unlimited free VoIP voice and video calling to another Barablu user anywhere in the world.

This is one of the fantastic global free VoIP calling services I had ever seen and is highly recommended to Talkfree7 users if they have the selected Java phones which are listed on Barablu site, that are enable to make and receive free unlimited voice video calls.

Barablu has created a better and a parallel world of free communication and millions of global users had downloaded its wonder software to make free unlimited MoIP calls, including myself : )

Even after the installation of Barablu software on the suitable mobile handset one can make peer to peer (P2P) technology calls to other online users via the hotspots which could be found and located anywhere in the world for free and for an unlimited time period: )

Cheers : )


Airtel, OnMobile: Mobile Back Up, Data Retrieval Starts

India: Bharti Airtel, OnMobile Global, Maxis (Malayasia), and Indosat (Indonesia) have started a mobile phone data back up / retrieval service and is claimed to be unique.

This allows the customers to retrieve mobile data after the loss or theft of the cell phone, but currently it works only on smart high end java based mobile handsets. This application is called over the air mobile. It needs a user ID with a PIN for accessing the required info. All of the info is stored than later could be transmitted to the digital vault via GPRS / EDGE, the security is that only the client could access his vault.

This unique solution will provide customers with a data retrieval / data back up service, videos, and list of contacts, stored images and other files etc. stored in mobile phone memory.

Initially, the service is free but later a monthly subscription fees could be slapped.

Cheers : )

Free PC To Phone VoIP Calls

Featured Blog:

Madhur's above blog is a nice resource for Free PC to Phone VoIP free / cheap unlimited calls.

I was browsing the net today and just found this free calls blog and when I go through some of its free VoIP calls post than I thought it may be useful for Talkfree7 readers too.

This is a start up but the guy Madhur is doing some hard work and have free call resources for Asia, USA, Europe, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

Talkfree7 wishes a bright future ahead, Happy Free VoIP Calling,

Cheers : )

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