Vodafone India: Apple iPhone, Launching

Finally there will be an Apple for the Indians too : )

The Gadget / Mobile of the century, The Apple's iPhone finally will land India and 9 other countries soon. It is one of the happy and most awaiting & breaking news for crazy Mobile phone Indians.

In India Apple’s iPhone 8GB version, costing Rs. 28,000 (=USD700), is expected to get grounded by early September 2008.

Thanks to Vodfone which has signed and WILL be the official host and India partner for the software major Apple iPhone India : ) also Vodafone will sell Apple’s (iPhone) in 9 other countries (Czech Republic, Australia, Greece, Egypt, India, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand, Turkey, and South Africa).

After Failed to launch in China this could be the most successful Asian platform for iPhone India, as India outnumbered the US in mobile phone users density and the second biggest market after China, still untapped, nascent & virgin and increasing, so there is no dearth of mobile revenue here for the Telcos who could provide VAS and other mobile thingies to Indians, a value for their money!

Cheers : )




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