Safaricom: Kenya Free Unlimited Calls

Nairobi / Kenya (Africa): Going this vacation to Africa for a Kenyan Safari? Ok, than do not forget to use the free local Kenya to Kenya calls there : ) by Safaricom Mobile telecom company and save some Sh. They are phone to phone free unlimited calls @ night unlike the VoIP free or cheap calling. 

Yep Kenya’s leading mobile telecommunications company, Safaricom (fully owned subsidiary of Telkom Kenya ), which operates in KENYA and provide many telecom products and services viz.: 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Fax & Data.

Safaricom is giving Kenya free on net calls at night for one month 9 pm to 6 am each day till June 26, 2008 this promo is in wake of Safaricom’s Sh19 billion profits : ) Free calls are for on Safaricom to Safaricom prepaid / post paid calls only.

Safaricom Flashback service / Free SMS: 

‘Flashback” (missed calls alert) is a unique mobile service, ‘invented’ by the guys with limited income or in the nations where income is not big…but it may lead some networks to get congested. Here the intended mobile user dials the desired number but disconnects it before it connects thus flashes / alerts his number on other’s mobile. It resembles somewhat like a Morse key signal to the desired guy as he understood the thing, the caller wished to convey to him, this is called flashing / flashback. This is always cost free to users but cost dearly to the network’s bandwidth.

To avoid this, safaricom in the past announced the flashback service and gave 5 free sms to its users, with a single pre-defined message stating "Please call me. Thank you". Useful for SOS or if somebody is in trouble and has zero balance / talktime.

Safaricom Electronic cash service

Safaricom has also developed mobile electronic cash service (electronic wallet) M-pesa with Vodafone to allow money / digital funds transfer with mobile phones SMS to Kenyans, no bank account needed. Similar to Western Union money transfer.


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