RIM Blackberry Encryption & India: Security v/s Privacy Concerns

RIM Blackberry Encryption & India: Security v/s Privacy Concerns

Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian wireless communication specialist firm which developed the coveted Blackberry services on its mobiles (but next to Apple's iPhone in popularity) to the world is in tussle with Government of India and DOT India with security and privacy issues relating to the emails send over the Blackberry to Blackberry mobiles worldwide.

Blackberry is a patented service / smart phone devices and their mobiles / PDAs provides email facility on mobiles just like SMS / Text messaging.

Everything is possible to tap on RIM Blackberry except that of emails sent over Blackberry to Blackberry. The RIM's servers are located in Canada and Hong Kong.

The Blackberry-to-Blackberry emails are not being able to encrypt / intercept or are being untraceable by anybody in the world. The Indian government scare of security issues in present terror situation persists in Indian subcontinent. Various extremist groups are harnessing the technology to the full extent from many years, all over the world and the Blackberry emails could give them an edge over the Indian security agencies, it the sheer fear of the Indian government.

RIM's Blackberry are a cute handheld devices that enables email access, it is provided in India by Bharati Airtel, Vodafone Essar, BPL Mobile and Reliance Communication. It is generally used by high end segment as it is a costly affair. The tussle with Indian govt. starts when Tata teleservices ask for the permission to start its Blackberry services in India, Indian Govt. denied with the security reasons, though it is already being in use by these above operators by India did not reacted on the said operators’ present status and they still are providing the services to their consumers, than why the Tata Teleservices was denied is the question?

Indian stand is to make RIM, Blackberry Canada to set up theirs servers in India so that Indian security agencies could legally encrypt the blackberry-to-blackberry email messages. RIM already has servers in Hong Kong out of its parent country Canada.

RIM Blackberry operates in 130+ countries including that of India. RIM has near 1,14,000 subscribers in India and they are NOT enough to recover a cost to put RIM's server in India as it may increase Capex and Opex both.

The latest in the tussle between India and RIM Blackberry Canada is, the RIM has now agreed to monitor its Blackberry content but the condition is that India DoT (deptt. Of telecom) has to takes the responsibility for, if any, may be leakage, of the user info, from the mobile! Would India agreed? Is the question...

The 'Public key' & 'private keys' both are needed to Indian security agencies from RIM to intercept / encrypt / monitor Blackberry data. Time will tell...

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