RIM Blackberry / DOT India Encryption Tussle Hots...

RIM Blackberry / DOT India Encryption Tussle Hots...

It seems that the rough weather has been started for the very existence of Canada's patented smart phones maker RIM (Pearl) Blackberry in India.

As we know the DOT / Government of India has already locked horns with RIM Blackberry to provide encryption keys so that the emails from Blackberry to Blackberry servers too could be deciphered by the Indian security agencies on the lines of US Federal security agencies.

India argues if USA security agencies could encrypt the secured blackberry data than why could India not as India too is experiencing the terror. But Rim Blackberry says that they do not have the data encryption keys, but India denies this, saying absurd.

India now had issued an ultimatum to Canada's coveted Research in Motion - Blackberry to Come in Motion, that either do it now or pack your bag & baggage from the country of Taj Mahal & one billion population and say the final good bye, there is no compromise in there name of Nation's security and no more meetings please, this is final, Do or Die!

Research in Motion (RIM) can sense and is calculating the imminent absolute danger and is preparing its move as who could dare to leave Indian virgin mobile market / scene which still is hot and on the telescopic increase.

Also Apple iPone is coming by Bharati Airtel (Singapore’s Singtel partner in India) and Essar Vodafone in India so how could RIM afford to leave India, is a million dollar question. They may do not want to dilute their big business and presence in India.

…On the one hand RIM do not want to make angry its customer base over security, privacy or phone tapping like issues and on other hand it has to face the Indian government ire.

Canada’s Research in Motion (RIM) suggested India that there exists "four other mobile email solutions in India that use comparable encryption levels", RIM says that Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft and Seven Network {Windows Mobile ActiveSync, Nokia Intellisync, Motorola Good and Seven Network} are too using the same standard encryption level like RIM Blackberry than why it is RIM alone in India this time?

Blackberry - RIM network works with 256 advanced encryption standard, DoT India wants the RIM to lower it to 40 bit encryption! Oh my God…. : ( (and we know that 128 bit standard is observed for all the online secured / banking etc transactions: protocol, https://).

RIM still is advocating its stand that the lowering to the encryption level will lead to insecurity, online frauds, theft like hacking, cracking of secured data and will ultimately shut down the business, commercial and personal transactions, which could be the death of the Information technology...would India be ready to face the situation?

But RIM perhaps is either forgotten, ignoring or has no replies to the Indian concern, why US Federal agencies are allowed to encrypt RIM secured data and why India could not??

The government of India knows one thing: Never be Smart, when & where SECURITY is always prime for a Nation : )

Everybody knows: When in Rome, do, what the Romans Do…




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