Ravishankar Art of Living: Mobile Alerts


Great Indian Guru Shri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living programme provides a spiritual light, enlightenment, inner peace, and guidance to millions of his followers and devotees spread all over the world including India and West in more than 175 countries : )

Art of living preaches the best and the happiest ways to lead the life in this materialistic world via Meditation, Yoga, Spirituality, Rhythm of ‘Pran Vayu’ / Praanayam, Dhyan Yoga.

Guru Ravi Sankar’s Art of living could be viewed on Vodafone Essar India mobile phone in form of alerts and you could start your dawn with art of living quotes from Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Charges Rs 30/- a month.

To Activate, Dial Vodafone Mobile = *123*91#

To De-activate, Dial Vodafone Mobile = *123*92#


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