Rate: Free VoIP Communication Service Providers

Rate: Free VoIP Communication Service Providers


VoIP (Free Calls from PC / Computer) or  Make monthly-unlimited cheap VoIP calls to more than 60 countries, mobile or landline, just for flat monthly rates USD19.95 per month. (broadband is better). In VoIP, when one makes voice calls to another user within same VoIP calling network, the 100% VoIP calls are free.

skype, gizmo, icall, jangl, jaxtr, jajah, globe7, raketu, google talk, internet talks etc are some of the big names in VoIP communications, and daily we can see he emergence of new and start up VoIP players, many of them just useless and many could be useful too. How to find, how to rate???

The above featured site helps you to find / rate the usefulness of VoIP: quality, popularity, rates etc etc.

Cheers :)

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