Nokia Navigator: Compass GPS Navigation, World's First Compass Phone

Nokia Navigator: Compass GPS Navigation, World's First Compass Phone reports the flashing news, for the first time in world's mobile history, Finnish Mobile handset giant Nokia has unveiled a mobile / cell phone which has the capability of in built magnetic COMPASS (accelerometer) with GPS Navigation.

Now you can map / track geo magnetic directions / longitudes & latitudes with help of this navigator mobile, Global Positioning System GPS maps, hybrid, using satellite images with the help of Compass and GPS navigation through cell phone. Perhaps it will also help in Drive Directions, besides the pedestrians directions.

The Wireless, PDA and Mobile technology is growing eccentrically with bullet speed now and 3G / 4G networks are coming that too on the move. Nokia is one of the brand leaders in mobile handset sales and especially in Indian subcontinent.

The location-based services / geo-tracking / GPS navigation / GPS Sensors on mobile phones is the latest new arena for mobile phone companies / service providers in this cut throat competition to earn some fresh streams of revenues.

Nokia has the collection of Nokia Maps 2.0 for 170+ countries maps to its database and for a price Maps could be used on its GPS enabled cell phones and could be used to browse LIVE streaming GPS navigation on mobiles and than who need a TOM TOM or such GPS devices when it is a Nokia (connecting people) in their hands : )


Now use your mobile as compass:

Nokia 6210 Navigator Europe:

Cheers : )

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