iPhone India: Airtel + Singtel + Vodafone, Who is The 'Official' Carrier?

iPhone India: Airtel, Singtel, Vodafone, Who is The 'Official' Carrier?

First it was Vodafone who claimed to bring 'official' Apple iPhone to India including 10 countries, now Singapore's leading telecom carrier Singtel says that it is the official partner and host to bring Apple iPhone to India, Singapore, Australia, & Philippines.

Also Airtel claims that iPhone to Indians would be done by its carrier. We know Singapore's SingTel has some stakes in Bharti’s Airtel ('Tel' in Airtel comes from Singtel) than would it means that apple's iPhone through SingTel network = Airtel network in India?

Its an interesting debatable question until apple grows officially in India who is the official carrier or there may be some multiple carriers to the Apple iphone including of Vodafone as it says earlier? Apple iphone journey is not being exclusive or limited to any single telecom partner in many countries, like Italy etc.

BBC Clearly Reports: "... SingTel will sell the gadget in Singapore, while Bharti Airtel will introduce it in India. Globe Telecom has the rights to the iPhone in the Philippines, and Optus will offer it in Australia. .." 

…But I am sorry China you still are not in the iPhone queue for Asia and pacific, stay tuned, apple are sweet and will come a day: )

Cheers : )



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