Call Freely on Cuba Cell Phones Now; But Why Was The Mobile 'Ban'?

Cell (Mobile) Phone ‘Ban’ Lifted in Cuba, Why? Do You Know? ... I know... : )

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Havana: All Cubans now can use mobiles legally. The official 'ban' has been lifted by President Raul's Castro's government. It is a big deal after Fidel Castro's government.

Cuba was still having the mobile phones uses, but only in a strict restrictive ways since back 1991, cell phones were only for foreign executives working with foreign entities and / or high level communist party guys & officials.

But why was the ban and why it is being lifted now. Interesting theory and reason put by Mr. Ramos, heading Cuban delegation (Cuba Envoy) which is on its way to talk business with Indian government re purchase of cell phones, refrigerators, computers etc.

Cuban envoy says, "as biased to imagination of western media, the ban on these electric gadgets were only to save the nation running from the POWER CRISIS, which is now over as Cuba is now being converted to CFLs”, the power crisis is diluted… : )

Nice theory, I understand… : )

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