3G Apple iPhone for Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Spain

It seems Apple's (AAPL) iPhone is getting crazy and setting its own tunes : ), The iPhone is keeping to march & sweeping the globe like the army of once Alexander the Grate : ) and aiming high to touch the all international borders.

Telecom Italia already announced to sell iPhone phone in Italy, and after Apple iPhone with Vodafone to launch iPhone in 10 countries including India, this is now turn for more of the Europe: Poland, Switzerland (3G iPhone this summers with Swisscom the largest Telecom operator of Switzerland), Spain.

America Movil also signed a deal to land Apple iPhone to Latin American & Caribbean 16 countries. America Movil, is a telecom operator in Mexicoa, it is managed by one of the billionaires Carlos Slim, and posses till date approx. 160 million subscribers. So there is no limit for iPhone users in this world.

China has to still wait for an unknown period to have an official Apple iPhone in their pockets and to surf the net or download YouTube on iPhone : ( iPhone

There would soon be a day in Apple’s iPhone / iPod history where an International addition of Apple iPhone / iPod would be available which could be roamed worldwide and sans the geographical longitudes and latitudes : )

Cheers : )


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