RIM Blackberry / DOT India Encryption Tussle Hots...

RIM Blackberry / DOT India Encryption Tussle Hots...

It seems that the rough weather has been started for the very existence of Canada's patented smart phones maker RIM (Pearl) Blackberry in India.

As we know the DOT / Government of India has already locked horns with RIM Blackberry to provide encryption keys so that the emails from Blackberry to Blackberry servers too could be deciphered by the Indian security agencies on the lines of US Federal security agencies.

India argues if USA security agencies could encrypt the secured blackberry data than why could India not as India too is experiencing the terror. But Rim Blackberry says that they do not have the data encryption keys, but India denies this, saying absurd.

India now had issued an ultimatum to Canada's coveted Research in Motion - Blackberry to Come in Motion, that either do it now or pack your bag & baggage from the country of Taj Mahal & one billion population and say the final good bye, there is no compromise in there name of Nation's security and no more meetings please, this is final, Do or Die!

Research in Motion (RIM) can sense and is calculating the imminent absolute danger and is preparing its move as who could dare to leave Indian virgin mobile market / scene which still is hot and on the telescopic increase.

Also Apple iPone is coming by Bharati Airtel (Singapore’s Singtel partner in India) and Essar Vodafone in India so how could RIM afford to leave India, is a million dollar question. They may do not want to dilute their big business and presence in India.

…On the one hand RIM do not want to make angry its customer base over security, privacy or phone tapping like issues and on other hand it has to face the Indian government ire.

Canada’s Research in Motion (RIM) suggested India that there exists "four other mobile email solutions in India that use comparable encryption levels", RIM says that Nokia, Motorola, Microsoft and Seven Network {Windows Mobile ActiveSync, Nokia Intellisync, Motorola Good and Seven Network} are too using the same standard encryption level like RIM Blackberry than why it is RIM alone in India this time?

Blackberry - RIM network works with 256 advanced encryption standard, DoT India wants the RIM to lower it to 40 bit encryption! Oh my God…. : ( (and we know that 128 bit standard is observed for all the online secured / banking etc transactions: protocol, https://).

RIM still is advocating its stand that the lowering to the encryption level will lead to insecurity, online frauds, theft like hacking, cracking of secured data and will ultimately shut down the business, commercial and personal transactions, which could be the death of the Information technology...would India be ready to face the situation?

But RIM perhaps is either forgotten, ignoring or has no replies to the Indian concern, why US Federal agencies are allowed to encrypt RIM secured data and why India could not??

The government of India knows one thing: Never be Smart, when & where SECURITY is always prime for a Nation : )

Everybody knows: When in Rome, do, what the Romans Do…




Safaricom: Kenya Free Unlimited Calls


Nairobi / Kenya (Africa): Going this vacation to Africa for a Kenyan Safari? Ok, than do not forget to use the free local Kenya to Kenya calls there : ) by Safaricom Mobile telecom company and save some Sh. They are phone to phone free unlimited calls @ night unlike the VoIP free or cheap calling. 

Yep Kenya’s leading mobile telecommunications company, Safaricom (fully owned subsidiary of Telkom Kenya ), which operates in KENYA and provide many telecom products and services viz.: 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Fax & Data.

Safaricom is giving Kenya free on net calls at night for one month 9 pm to 6 am each day till June 26, 2008 this promo is in wake of Safaricom’s Sh19 billion profits : ) Free calls are for on Safaricom to Safaricom prepaid / post paid calls only.

Safaricom Flashback service / Free SMS: 

‘Flashback” (missed calls alert) is a unique mobile service, ‘invented’ by the guys with limited income or in the nations where income is not big…but it may lead some networks to get congested. Here the intended mobile user dials the desired number but disconnects it before it connects thus flashes / alerts his number on other’s mobile. It resembles somewhat like a Morse key signal to the desired guy as he understood the thing, the caller wished to convey to him, this is called flashing / flashback. This is always cost free to users but cost dearly to the network’s bandwidth.

To avoid this, safaricom in the past announced the flashback service and gave 5 free sms to its users, with a single pre-defined message stating "Please call me. Thank you". Useful for SOS or if somebody is in trouble and has zero balance / talktime.

Safaricom Electronic cash service

Safaricom has also developed mobile electronic cash service (electronic wallet) M-pesa with Vodafone to allow money / digital funds transfer with mobile phones SMS to Kenyans, no bank account needed. Similar to Western Union money transfer.





Tibet Free Phone Calls: Manifone




ING Telecom and Manifone the Fench worldwide discount / cheap calls service provider are offering Free Phone Calls to Tibet / Tibet and not only to Tibet but to free calls also to “Tibet's Government in exile”, residing at Dharamsala / Dharamshala, India.

According to Manifone they are providing the non-profit organization free calls to Tibet as on humanitarian grounds and to express their solidarity towards the people of Tibet and helping the work of organizations which are supporting Tibet on humanitarian grounds.

Manifone network works on mobiles and landlines too.



Lounis Goudjil, General Manager

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Jajah Free International Calls: India, Pakistan, Gulf, Overseas, Worldwide


Above featured link is Pavan's site and he writes with an authority on tech things. TechPavan says about Jajah's trick to call for free 5 minutes to any number and the phone calling number may be in India, UAE, Pakistan, Gulf or anywhere in the world.

So virtually it is a free calls for 5 minutes to any number in the world for one time at that number, not bad.

You have to use toktume + Jajah both to use this free calling trick. The free calls voice quality is good and remember this is a trick and Jajah may fix it any time : )

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Send Free SMS: UK, USA, Canada


Send free SMS from Internet using computer, it is fun to send a free SMS to USA, Canada or UK sitting in India, Russia, France or in any part of the world.

Thanks to the budding technology now we can send Free Unlimited text messages / free sms now to any part of the world from any part of the world.

The above is a nice link if you wish to send free SMS to UK, USA or Canada, it supports below listed telecom carriers:

Virgin Mobile
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TechPavan: The Labnol of Future!


TechPavan is a nice site by an Indian youngster in his early twenties. He is capable to understand the techy things so clearly and able to reproduce for his readers in the most crispy way, who are spread internationally. 

We know www.labnol.org (Digital Inspiration) from Amit Agarwal. Labnol is now and established authority for tech related things on the net / virtual world. I am fan of this site. 

Talkfree7 wishes TechPavan to go ahead and join the Labnol coveted tech club, we have many expectations from this budding young talent / technologist from India who is really a Mind tree!

Cheers Pavan : )

Free Calls: China, Myanmar (Burma): Rebtel


Recently the world at large, witnessed the Nature's worst fury / disaster in China and Myanmar. Science-Technology / Human is always small to The Gods / Nature!

Talkfree7 is always with the people of China and Myanmar (Burma) in these sad times.

Rebtel is an International company which specializes in cheap / free International smart calls. Rebtel has some nice human options / help to call free China (2 hour free calls) and Myanmar in the worst disasters times till 28th May 2008.

Rebtel is giving a local calling number to call free China & Myanmar to each and help the victims of the disaster, just point your mobile number to Rebtel and get a local phone number for China, Burma (Myanmar) free calls.




Further If anybody wish to help people in Myanmar and China, visit these support organizations:





PC to Mobile: Free International SMS


This is a nice site to send Free SMS worldwide, many many global carriers included, the best thing is it works when I checked it for India by sending a free SMS, I sent it on Airtel mobile number and it reached the destined mobile phone within seconds : )

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They have 1 million users in just one year : )

Send free SMS to India from Internet using computer, any mobile. Just register and accept contextual Ads within SMS messages. Send free 50 SMS per day but max 10 per do to a particular mobile number.

160by2 On GPRS Mobile - Even you can access your 160by2 account from your GPRS mobile. Visit http://www.160by2.com via GPRS cell phone.

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IndiaTimes Free Fun Mobile GPRS: Imobizo


India's leading newspaper Times of India's fun on mobile via GPRS for free. Read News, from The Times of India, Cricket Station, Lifestyle, Astrology, Movies, Spiritual, Hot Desi Babes wallpapers, ringtones, mobile games, Themes...buy swimsuits calendars, wallpapers, latest Bollywood videos and much more all on your GPRS via above featured WAP site.

I am using Times Imobizo on my Nokia 3230 and life is a fun with this free mobile application, you need a GPRS connection though.

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Free SMS and quotes for a best friend

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Pingo Calling Cards has free calls offer to call your Father on Father’s Day, pl check it now. Pingo is offering $10 for free calls for Fathers Day, 2008, they have some offer each year!

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If somebody knows more Father’s Day Free phone / VoIP Calls (anywhere to anywhere) site / tip / promo on Father's day, pl send me a mail, I will publish for the benefit of all with your name if you wish.


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Cheap Calls India, Pakistan, UAE, UK, USA, International

Make low cost calls to India, Pakistan, UAE, UK, USA, International



A new cheap / limited free International calling stream from Germany is emerging and is known as youcall.com / goobercall.com

It is an emerging company re cheap global calls; they provide a phone to phone solution too for your free / cheap International calling.

You can test a free international call for five minutes, even without a registration here. After registration and confirming your mobile number this company says to give ‘UPTO’ 60 minutes of free calling a month (any catch is not visible and Talkfree7 has not checked this).

Youcall is linked with Goober a cheap / free calling company

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Generate Free Mobile QR Codes: SMS, URL, Phone Numbers...


Wikipedia explains about QR (Quick Response) codes of mobile phones in detail. QR Code is a two dimensional (2D) matrix code designed and developed by Japan's Denso-Wave.

The QR Code was invented for the purposes that the QR code will allow its contents to be decoded with a better and high speed.

QR Code is a popular technology in Japan and especially for mobile phones, QR Codes could be scanned by a camera mobile phone having QR Code scan software.

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Telstra Free Laptop: 3G Mobile Plan


Australian telecom operator Telstra is offering free laptops (costing $700) for subscribing 3G mobile data plans to it customers.

The free laptop bundled plan is available only to the customers with ABN number.

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Win a HP Laptop: Labnol.org : Contest


US Lifts Cuba Cell Phone Ban

BBC reports, that the USA has lifted the mobile phone gift / export ban from Cuba despite the US trade embargo since 1962.

"US President George W Bush has said Americans will soon be allowed to send mobile phones to relatives in Cuba." 

This is due to as Cuba has opened mobile phone use to its residents recently. Cuba has opened the computers and cell phone usage in Cuba as they say, that electricity position is better now and country has adopted TFLs.Gift Mobiles to Cubans now : )