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Actai Networks (Singapoer, Taiwan & Germany), the solution provider for Mobiles in Asia and Europe (mainly for MVNO / Media companies) have launched a web based VoIP free International calls service: C2Call, it is a web based VoIP calling service and uses Windows / Apple / Linux OS to call browser based free International / worldwide VoIP Phone calls 

What a user need is NO registration, but to make him enable to access login, he has to login with his email ID and a password, than has to send an invitation email to whom he wish to talk with, that person who got your mail invitation to talk you, just has to click the invitation link on the mail to start free call. 

The best part is, that you can start calling anyone in the world directly from your web browser for free, and unlike others like Skype etc the receiving party at the other end need not be a registered member of this C2Call company, he can be ANYONE from this, Lonely Planet : )

You have to load a Java widget to your Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Safari or Opera Browser etc to add and make enable VoIP functionality to your Internet Browser, than it will work as a WORLD'S FIRST (the C2CALL guys claims this) browser based VOIP software to make free global calls! To make a call PC’s microphone and speaker system can be used. 

Free C2Call Test Trial for 60 seconds : )


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