T-Mobile Germany: 99Euros iPhone Apple?!

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The basic version of Apple iPhone rates slashed in Germany and now will be sold out for only Euros 99 = Approx US$ 150 (previously 300 Euros) and with a new model of Apple iPhone to Germans : ) It will be 8gigabyte version according to T-Mobile with a per month contract. 

16 gigabyte version of Apple iPhone still will be available to Germans for Euros 499 only, with a per month contract. 

Apple's iPhone still is continuing to be the hottest handheld gadget / mobile in the world and Asians too are anxiously waiting for their respective turns to unlock an Apple iPhone : ) though gray market all over is selling the iPhones and replicas but the craze for the original Apple (iPhone) is hot. 

China failed though to invite Apple iPhone to their territory but Chinese still hopes for a pie in the Apple : ) 

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