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India: Leading service provider MTNL which has presence in two Indian metros, the capital Delhi and also in Mumbai (lifeline of Delhi & Mumbai), has started a service in association with Micro Technologies to track lost and stolen cell / mobile phones with the help of a software. This lost mobile tracking service is tagged only for INR / Rs. 30 ( USD 0.75 ) a month : )

This lost and found mobile tracking software is available for a FREE download on mobiles, at the MTNL official website with GPRS and Micro Technologies claim that this tracking mobile software supports most of the available mobile handsets in the country.

This lost / stolen mobile tracking software works as, first you have to download this software on your mobile phone (of course when it was with you and was not lost / stolen) than stores the IMEI and SIM number of your mobile, it also asks you for an alternate phone number and / or an email ID where the info could be send when the case of loss or theft of the mobile, happens, if any : )

And when actually the mobile is lost or being stolen and the SIM is being changed, this software detects and sends an alert to the original mobile owner about the exact location of the mobile phone, where it has been now after the theft / loss : )

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