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Do you have a Faceroller for your mobile phone? Yeah now click snaps on the move with your mobile phone and let them Twitter (update) / distribute to the world via online including facebook & flickr. 

You can take a picture / photo / snap from Mobile, WebCam, email, your Computer and than can Twitter / show your snap via your mobile + Internet to the world for free : ) it would be geo-tagged with your exact location, the benefit is, that yours could locate you online and will know what you are indulging in at that moment, that is it. So it means there is no PRIVACY when you are doing faceroller. 

Faceroller is a nice blend of online and mobile social networks on the one and same platforms, on the move. It is like a social blogging service and blends in one all of these: Photos + Text + Geo location + teens. 

Just click / shot a picture with mobile, add any text message and post it to the Universe via faceroller. 


Cheers : )

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