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Featured Site: http://www.tp2location.com/

Ref.: http://www.informationmadness.com/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=785&Itemid=49

To find the free geographic location of any mobile / landline phone number, just fill the number in International format here and hit and you will soon know the telecom operator, country, city etc about that phone number. It works a bit as Reverse phone number finding / tracking.

FAQ: International Format of Phone Number? etc etc.


Site says it supports these countries phone numbers look up:

“Egypt, Portugal, North America: United States, Canada Europe Austria Belgium Belarus Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Norway Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Switzerland Sweden Ukraine Spain Turkey United Kingdom Middle East Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE Jordan Oman Syria Yemen Egypt Asia India Malaysia Maldives Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka Japan China South Korea Singapore Indonesia Hong Kong Philippines Africa Kenya South Africa Australia New Zealand Latin America Argentina Brazil Chile Mexico”

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