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Japan / Nippon: When Sharp and Willcom blends, guess what happens: …yes, they results in Japan's very first (it is claimed to be The world’s first mobile Internet device) Intel Atom processor powered telecommunication gadget viz.: Sharp Willcom D4, which is expected to hit Japanese markets this June 2008 : )

Sharp Willcom D4 has 1.33GHz Intel Atom chip / processor, with 1GB RAM, and 40GB of 1.8-inches flash memory, it also comes up with a 2 mega pixels cam. Sharp Willcom D4 will come with built in TV tuner, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro SD expansion etc etc. 

Sharp Willcom D4 needs OS: Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium and has a touch screen, QWERTY keyboard etc. It would be good if this cute speedy gadget may also support Wi-Max functionality and could support Mobile Broadband on the move / go : )

Willcom - Personal Handy Phone System (PHS) cell network has compatibility with Sharp Willcom D4. Tagged at price Yen, ¥128,600 in Japan, and who knows when it will hit USA, Europe, India and China? 

We have to see if it is able to create a ripple or a fever in Japan like Apple's iPod worldwide?!

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