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India: TRAI announced that nationwide (whole of India coverage) mobile number portability regime in India will start now by June 2009.

It was announced earlier many times that keep your existing number and change any service provider / operator...this number portability scheme is going to be launched in India and is in pipeline for many months now but each time it has been delayed and still it is pending!

Bad news for prepaid consumers who wish to use this number portability in India and want to keep their existing mobile phone number but want to change the service provider / telco.

TRAI says: prepaid subscribers will not be able to carry forward their balance amount while changing the service provider, either they have to consume it in toto / full or to lose & forget it forever!

Consumer surveys reveals that about half of the Indian mobile consumers are unhappy with their existing respective service providers and want to change them, so Indians are eager to soon to taste the mobile number portability for the first time in India, ever.

Number portability works for now in Pakistan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, USA and also in the most parts of Europe.


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