India to India: Unlimited Free STD Calls

Unlimited Free STD Calls / Hot News: 

India: Now forget VoIP calls or free / cheap calls from PC / Web / Internet to phone! Here comes Unlimited Free Phone to Phone calling in India.

The recent mobile rate plans, price war triggered in India, forced the major CDMA telecom operator of India, The Reliance Communications / Infocom (RComm)to provide FREE STD Calls / Long Distance calls within India (Reliance to Reliance) absolutely for free, but for a fixed flat monthly rental.

Remember India is the fastest growing wireless / Mobile Phone users base in the world and only second after China. India recently get ahead of USA mobile phones users and though she is just a much younger entrant to this mobile scene in comparison of the USA.

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani's Reliance launched this for the first time in India. Now on the US pattern Indians to could enjoy the Unlimited Free / Cheap STD Calls across the India (reliance to reliance) for a fixed and flat monthly rental per month basis.

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