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Google Pack's Social networking platform Orkut is now accebile via Mobile Phones for free, you just need a smart GPRS / WAP enabled cell phone.

Orkut is very popular social networking (mostly among teens or teens by heart) site in Brazil followed by India than USA.

The above featured link shows the below stats for orkut users:

Orkut = 120 million users (till date)

Brazil = 53.99% of orkut users

India = 16.91%

USA = 15.13%

Certainly Mobile version of the Google's Orkut would be a great 'boon' / hit among Indians, where in recent past years whole of the Indian nation is reeling through a strange Mobile phone fever / revolution and is likely to cross / go ahead of USA this month in terms of Mobile users density : )

Brazil, USA and all worldwide orkut users who believes in online social networking would find it more handy, suitable and on the go.

The Orkut Mobile will have many social networking feature like popular recent scrap book, friends’ updates, also a search box is there for orkut users to use it for social friendship / social engineering for free.

One also will get notified on mobile orkut for birthday reminders etc. and could respond accordingly to your friends’ list!

Cheers : )

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