Track UN Refugees on Google Maps

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It could be a milestone for Google humanitarian projects / charity projects, yes Google Maps now also will track Refugee information / movement, in collaboration with The United Nations Organization / UNO or UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Google Earth latest mapping software / geospatial tool presents a virtual reality tour along with UN refugee agency, it includes a few of Globe’s recent major displacement crises and the humanitarian efforts targeted towards the help of global refugees.

Google Earth would be used to track the Refugee movement and Google earth will display the satellite images of refugees movement along the geographical longitudes and latitudes : )

The Internet users have a choice now to simply download the Google Earth online and also to download the UNHCR map via using the official site, than one could watch at their home, the 'troubled locations' viz. Sudan’s Darfur, Iraq, Chad or Colombia etc.

Google's online mapping technology is superb to track anything on this earth, from the sky with Google earth, and it is good that it is in reach of common man that is too for free : )

Thank you Google, your works makes you more 'human' than us humans : )


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