India to India: Unlimited Free STD Calls

Unlimited Free STD Calls / Hot News: 

India: Now forget VoIP calls or free / cheap calls from PC / Web / Internet to phone! Here comes Unlimited Free Phone to Phone calling in India.

The recent mobile rate plans, price war triggered in India, forced the major CDMA telecom operator of India, The Reliance Communications / Infocom (RComm)to provide FREE STD Calls / Long Distance calls within India (Reliance to Reliance) absolutely for free, but for a fixed flat monthly rental.

Remember India is the fastest growing wireless / Mobile Phone users base in the world and only second after China. India recently get ahead of USA mobile phones users and though she is just a much younger entrant to this mobile scene in comparison of the USA.

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani's Reliance launched this for the first time in India. Now on the US pattern Indians to could enjoy the Unlimited Free / Cheap STD Calls across the India (reliance to reliance) for a fixed and flat monthly rental per month basis.

US Canada: Free Local Long Distance Calls: Magic Jack Free Trial Offer

It seems, Magic Jack is taking the free calls by storm, check its current Alexa Internet traffic ranking and you may observe the recent high tide in the traffic there, it is growing by leaps and bounds : )

...CNBC termed Magic Jack as Skype & Vonage killer (these both are popular worldwide VoIP calling companies) everybody is talking of this near free calling service for USA / Canada, for unlimited local calls and long distance just for USD19.95 a YEAR, yep it is for full one year and not for one month or so : ) Also Magic Jack is giving free trial offer for one month, it is mind blowing.

Magic Jack is also the PC Magazine's Editors' Choice and they recommend its US, Canada calling as nice voice quality should be tried by everyone.

We here at Talkfree7 have not tried this service and will expect our kind readers may find some time to put there valuable comments here for benefit of all lovers of International free calls / SMS community.


Mobile Global Social Snapping on Flickr, Facebook

Featured Site: 

Do you have a Faceroller for your mobile phone? Yeah now click snaps on the move with your mobile phone and let them Twitter (update) / distribute to the world via online including facebook & flickr. 

You can take a picture / photo / snap from Mobile, WebCam, email, your Computer and than can Twitter / show your snap via your mobile + Internet to the world for free : ) it would be geo-tagged with your exact location, the benefit is, that yours could locate you online and will know what you are indulging in at that moment, that is it. So it means there is no PRIVACY when you are doing faceroller. 

Faceroller is a nice blend of online and mobile social networks on the one and same platforms, on the move. It is like a social blogging service and blends in one all of these: Photos + Text + Geo location + teens. 

Just click / shot a picture with mobile, add any text message and post it to the Universe via faceroller. 


Cheers : )

Locate Phone Number: Reverse Mobile Tracker Like

Featured Site:


To find the free geographic location of any mobile / landline phone number, just fill the number in International format here and hit and you will soon know the telecom operator, country, city etc about that phone number. It works a bit as Reverse phone number finding / tracking.

FAQ: International Format of Phone Number? etc etc.

Site says it supports these countries phone numbers look up:

“Egypt, Portugal, North America: United States, Canada Europe Austria Belgium Belarus Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Norway Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Switzerland Sweden Ukraine Spain Turkey United Kingdom Middle East Bahrain Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE Jordan Oman Syria Yemen Egypt Asia India Malaysia Maldives Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka Japan China South Korea Singapore Indonesia Hong Kong Philippines Africa Kenya South Africa Australia New Zealand Latin America Argentina Brazil Chile Mexico”

Nigeria: Free Unlimited Text From Internet

To Nigeria, Send Free Unlimited SMS / Text From Web / Internet

Featured Site:

Send Nigeria Unlimited SMS from Computer / Internet / Web. The below telecom companies' mobile are supported in Nigeria:

Globacom Ltd., Nigeria, MTN Nigeria Communications, V Mobile Nigeria, Celtel Nigeria, Glo Mobile, MTel Nigeria


Nigeria for Nigerians, Free Mobile SMS / Text / Txt / Txting / Messaging Nigeria:

Only send Free SMS to Nigeria mobiles / cell phones – Leave no spaces between numbers, supports these Nigeria mobile phone networks: VMobile, Glo, and MTN


Also free SMS Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Kenya, Africa and South Africa


Glo Mobile Voice SMS To Nigeria


Bubble Motion: Vodafone Egypt Voice (Talk) SMS: Bubble Motion is a company which specializes in Voice Text SMS / short text messaging, which is useful for students etc.

IPL T20 Cricket: Mobile Score Live, All Matches

Official IPL T20 (Indian Premier League) Cricket Match Site:

(Live stream Video of cricket matches in action now)

Watch Cricket IPL 2011, 20:20 matches live and streaming for free

Streaming and Live IPL T20 Cricket Matches Scores on Cell / Mobile Phone or PC via YouTube

IPL T20: You can get Ball to Ball IPL T20 Cricket matches updates on the move on your Mobile / Cell Phone: SMS: ‘IPL’ to 52622

Cricket is a mania in Indian subcontinent and when it is a clash of Titans (sponsored by Indian film stars like Sharukh Khan, Priety Zinta, Kingfisher Airlines & Wine King Vijay Mallya etc) nobody could stop the energy in the air. IPL T20 Cricket matches are currently officially going in India.

BCCI and Indian Premier League (IPL T20) media rights are gone to Canadian company Live Current Media (LCM) for USD 50 millions.

Play Cricket Online Game:


DVB-H: Live Mobile Stream TV Channels: Vimio Update

Featured Site:

Vimio Streaming Live TV on Mobile Handsets

Update for Live streaming TV on Mobile Phone handsets DVB-H:

The site updates that a new and fine version for live mobile TV channels is going to be live by 21st April 2008. So delete the current mobile TV applications on your mobile handsets, if any from VIMIO and re install a fresh version of live mobile / cell phone streaming TV channels after the above date.

Iraq Cheap SMS; Unlimited

Featured Site: 

Perhaps the US Army chaps and their family / loved ones, badly need this free SMS / text facility to Iraq to send free SMS to their loving ones who are camping in Iraq since the last Iraq war : ) 

Send, receive (from any part of the world) unlimited cheap SMS from web to mobile phones in Iraq, you do not need a mobile phone even, send from Internet / PC / Laptop/ Computer and forget the small key pads of mobile phones / PDA. You also can send multiple SMS at the press of a key, so what else you need more than this? : )

Unlimited Free Text Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Unlimited Free SMS to Islamic Republic Of Iran

Featured Site: 

Send Unlimited Free SMS / Text messages online from the web / Internet to Islamic Republic of Iran for Free, any mobile phone in Iran. 

To send Free SMS to Iran just a simple registration is required than start sending free unlimited text messages to Iranian friends / relations and all in Iran. 


Web Based: Free VoIP Calls Worldwide C2Call

Featured Site: 

Actai Networks (Singapoer, Taiwan & Germany), the solution provider for Mobiles in Asia and Europe (mainly for MVNO / Media companies) have launched a web based VoIP free International calls service: C2Call, it is a web based VoIP calling service and uses Windows / Apple / Linux OS to call browser based free International / worldwide VoIP Phone calls 

What a user need is NO registration, but to make him enable to access login, he has to login with his email ID and a password, than has to send an invitation email to whom he wish to talk with, that person who got your mail invitation to talk you, just has to click the invitation link on the mail to start free call. 

The best part is, that you can start calling anyone in the world directly from your web browser for free, and unlike others like Skype etc the receiving party at the other end need not be a registered member of this C2Call company, he can be ANYONE from this, Lonely Planet : )

You have to load a Java widget to your Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firefox / Safari or Opera Browser etc to add and make enable VoIP functionality to your Internet Browser, than it will work as a WORLD'S FIRST (the C2CALL guys claims this) browser based VOIP software to make free global calls! To make a call PC’s microphone and speaker system can be used. 

Free C2Call Test Trial for 60 seconds : )

Cheers : )


Apple iPhone India: Essar Vodafone Launch

Featured News:

India is flooded with the news / rumours that Apple's iPhone is / may officially grounding THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY OF THE WORLD: INDIA this September : ) Cheers Indians.... The local host and partner for the official Apple iPhone India would be JV Essar Vodafone India.

The introductory i phone version that may be likely to introduced in India is 8GB version at a price approx. around Rs.30,000/- (USD 750). Apple iPhone now a days sells in India in its Gray Markets as Gaffar Market New Delhi, Streets of Mumbai and online too : )

8GB Apple iPhone could be purchased from here online which is promised to work with all Indian GSM operators, as it claims to be an unlocked one.,shop.product_details/category_id,184/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,1928/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,26/?gclid=CLbpu7D54ZICFQtnQgodyxqD-A

In Asia: India, China in particular may be the hot destination for Apple's iPhone, though iPhone talks have already failed in China with Telcos, China Mobile etc on revenue sharing. China boasts to be the biggest in Mobile consumers, India is speedily trying to catch China, so Apple's eyes are set on the right territories though like any Asian country they are price sensitive markets unlike US or Europe : ) (by the way US, Europ is waiting for a new 3G version of Apple iPhone, which may be announced shortly anytime now…)

Let's see how Apple iPhone may work for Indians with Essar Vodafone coming September 2008 first week, countdown begins...also Indian government has some strict policies and there is some recent hue and cry over new entrants like MVNO issue with Virgin India, also with RIM Blackberry so the time will tell how good is this Apple for Indians’ health & appetite: )


MTNL: Track Stolen / Lost Mobile, India

Featured News:

India: Leading service provider MTNL which has presence in two Indian metros, the capital Delhi and also in Mumbai (lifeline of Delhi & Mumbai), has started a service in association with Micro Technologies to track lost and stolen cell / mobile phones with the help of a software. This lost mobile tracking service is tagged only for INR / Rs. 30 ( USD 0.75 ) a month : )

This lost and found mobile tracking software is available for a FREE download on mobiles, at the MTNL official website with GPRS and Micro Technologies claim that this tracking mobile software supports most of the available mobile handsets in the country.

This lost / stolen mobile tracking software works as, first you have to download this software on your mobile phone (of course when it was with you and was not lost / stolen) than stores the IMEI and SIM number of your mobile, it also asks you for an alternate phone number and / or an email ID where the info could be send when the case of loss or theft of the mobile, happens, if any : )

And when actually the mobile is lost or being stolen and the SIM is being changed, this software detects and sends an alert to the original mobile owner about the exact location of the mobile phone, where it has been now after the theft / loss : )

Cheers : )

Free Mobile Web to Text Messaging

Featured Site:

To send and receive free text messages / SMS is craze and time pass among teenagers in India and also worldwide like in UK, Philippines etc. 

If you want to send free personal messages, SMS, mobile greetings etc in India on any mobile than please try above new emerging site, though we here at Talkfree7 has not checked this yet and we would be happy to receive & publish our users reviews about this new free service of free SMS in India. 

This site’s T & C says as: that you should be an Indian resident to use this free SMS service and you should have an active mobile number too, also you have to fill a small online form re your identity status in accordance with TRAI / Govt. of India rules and laws. 

Japan: Intel Atom Mobile Internet: Willcom D4

Featured News:

Japan / Nippon: When Sharp and Willcom blends, guess what happens: …yes, they results in Japan's very first (it is claimed to be The world’s first mobile Internet device) Intel Atom processor powered telecommunication gadget viz.: Sharp Willcom D4, which is expected to hit Japanese markets this June 2008 : )

Sharp Willcom D4 has 1.33GHz Intel Atom chip / processor, with 1GB RAM, and 40GB of 1.8-inches flash memory, it also comes up with a 2 mega pixels cam. Sharp Willcom D4 will come with built in TV tuner, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro SD expansion etc etc. 

Sharp Willcom D4 needs OS: Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium and has a touch screen, QWERTY keyboard etc. It would be good if this cute speedy gadget may also support Wi-Max functionality and could support Mobile Broadband on the move / go : )

Willcom - Personal Handy Phone System (PHS) cell network has compatibility with Sharp Willcom D4. Tagged at price Yen, ¥128,600 in Japan, and who knows when it will hit USA, Europe, India and China? 

We have to see if it is able to create a ripple or a fever in Japan like Apple's iPod worldwide?!

Cheers : )

Mobile Number Portability

Featured News:

India: TRAI announced that nationwide (whole of India coverage) mobile number portability regime in India will start now by June 2009.

It was announced earlier many times that keep your existing number and change any service provider / operator...this number portability scheme is going to be launched in India and is in pipeline for many months now but each time it has been delayed and still it is pending!

Bad news for prepaid consumers who wish to use this number portability in India and want to keep their existing mobile phone number but want to change the service provider / telco.

TRAI says: prepaid subscribers will not be able to carry forward their balance amount while changing the service provider, either they have to consume it in toto / full or to lose & forget it forever!

Consumer surveys reveals that about half of the Indian mobile consumers are unhappy with their existing respective service providers and want to change them, so Indians are eager to soon to taste the mobile number portability for the first time in India, ever.

Number portability works for now in Pakistan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, USA and also in the most parts of Europe.


Google Orkut: Mobile Social Networking

Featured News:

Google Pack's Social networking platform Orkut is now accebile via Mobile Phones for free, you just need a smart GPRS / WAP enabled cell phone.

Orkut is very popular social networking (mostly among teens or teens by heart) site in Brazil followed by India than USA.

The above featured link shows the below stats for orkut users:

Orkut = 120 million users (till date)

Brazil = 53.99% of orkut users

India = 16.91%

USA = 15.13%

Certainly Mobile version of the Google's Orkut would be a great 'boon' / hit among Indians, where in recent past years whole of the Indian nation is reeling through a strange Mobile phone fever / revolution and is likely to cross / go ahead of USA this month in terms of Mobile users density : )

Brazil, USA and all worldwide orkut users who believes in online social networking would find it more handy, suitable and on the go.

The Orkut Mobile will have many social networking feature like popular recent scrap book, friends’ updates, also a search box is there for orkut users to use it for social friendship / social engineering for free.

One also will get notified on mobile orkut for birthday reminders etc. and could respond accordingly to your friends’ list!

Cheers : )

Brazil: Cheap Unlimited VoIP Calls Local, Long Distance; Anywhere

Featured Site:

The above featured Site provides cheap, unlimited high quality VoIP calls anywhere in the residential Brazil / Brasil it could be either Local, or a Long Distance from anywhere within Brazil, just for a flat monthly tariff of USD 49.95 a month + one time set up fee of $19.95

It also includes many freebies package with cheap Brazil calls like e-voicemail, US incoming phone number, emergency service 911 dialing, call waiting, 3 way calling, call forwarding, low international rates, free calls to other InPhonex members around the world / globally...

What you need is just a broadband Internet connection, an analog telephone adapter, IP Phone or SOFT Phone, credit or a debit card and ready to call unlimited to Brazil / Brasil now : )

How it works:

Cheers : )

Track UN Refugees on Google Maps

Featured News:,25642,23507488-5014239,00.html

It could be a milestone for Google humanitarian projects / charity projects, yes Google Maps now also will track Refugee information / movement, in collaboration with The United Nations Organization / UNO or UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Google Earth latest mapping software / geospatial tool presents a virtual reality tour along with UN refugee agency, it includes a few of Globe’s recent major displacement crises and the humanitarian efforts targeted towards the help of global refugees.

Google Earth would be used to track the Refugee movement and Google earth will display the satellite images of refugees movement along the geographical longitudes and latitudes : )

The Internet users have a choice now to simply download the Google Earth online and also to download the UNHCR map via using the official site, than one could watch at their home, the 'troubled locations' viz. Sudan’s Darfur, Iraq, Chad or Colombia etc.

Google's online mapping technology is superb to track anything on this earth, from the sky with Google earth, and it is good that it is in reach of common man that is too for free : )

Thank you Google, your works makes you more 'human' than us humans : )


UNHCR maps –

Google Earth –

Click To Call: Buy Property MagicBricks

Featured Site:

India: The real estate / property selling portal, MagicBricks has started a new service called as Click to Call. Here you / property seekers are allowed to call premium advertisers for FREE, before making a real estate deal or before buying a property or house, plots etc. 

This works as: The buyer has to disclose his email, name, contact number etc, than has to click on Click to Call button, the magic Bricks portal than will connect the prospective buyer for free, directly with the seller. 

Its a service like Google, where many Google advertisers use such like service and the Google connects the customer for free with the seller : ) certainly this gives more ROI to the advertiser and an increased confidence to the buyer before making any deal : )

Cheers : )

T-Mobile Germany: 99Euros iPhone Apple?!

Hot News:

The basic version of Apple iPhone rates slashed in Germany and now will be sold out for only Euros 99 = Approx US$ 150 (previously 300 Euros) and with a new model of Apple iPhone to Germans : ) It will be 8gigabyte version according to T-Mobile with a per month contract. 

16 gigabyte version of Apple iPhone still will be available to Germans for Euros 499 only, with a per month contract. 

Apple's iPhone still is continuing to be the hottest handheld gadget / mobile in the world and Asians too are anxiously waiting for their respective turns to unlock an Apple iPhone : ) though gray market all over is selling the iPhones and replicas but the craze for the original Apple (iPhone) is hot. 

China failed though to invite Apple iPhone to their territory but Chinese still hopes for a pie in the Apple : ) 

Cheers : )

Amazon TextBuy: Mobile SMS Find & Buy Service

Featured Site:

Amazon has started a service to find and buy any product via text messaging / SMS. Amazon introduced solution for Mobile Payments too...

Cheers : )


Sony Pictures Mobile Phone Films USA, Coming

Featured Story:

Sony Pictures Television is about to start first film / movie network on the cell / mobile phones in USA! Sony’s latest marketing gimmick is to tap the wide genre of mobile users (especially the theatricals ) in USA via offering its films / movies content directly to their handsets. 

Sony Studio, AT&T and MediaFLO USA will start there own AT&T Mobile TV with FLO service in coming May in the United States of America. This mobile movie channel will be termed as PIX.

Hollywood movies will be available on mobiles / handsets on a demand basis. Sony contributed the titles to content maker MSpot that linked with Sprint and started MSpot movies in year 2006. 

Pix (part of FLOtier) will be made to the biggest US Telco and Sony allows AT&T to make a 'difference' of its service from Verizon Wireless, which is carrying FLO since the past one year.

Cheers : )

India: Free Unlimited Calls Reliance To Reliance in Punjab Circle

Featured Story:

Punjab, India: Anil Dhirubhai Ambani's Flagship Telecom Company RCom or Reliance Communications has launched Free Unlimited Outgoing Calls offer in State of Punjab, India!

Reliance Mobile users in Punjab India can make Unlimited Free OUTGOING Calls to one million+ ( 10 lakh+ ) cell phone customers residing in circle of Punjab and her Capital, U.T. of Chandigarh.

The Punjab (India) Unlimited Free outgoing mobile phone Calls Reliance package comes for only Rs 99 a month (30 days validity) for any or all Reliance mobile phone subscribers that may include its lifetime subscribers too.

It is to be noted that Reliance mobile communications is one of the biggest and largest Telco in India in network and customers, and is basically a CDMA Company but also provides other services like GSM etc in few pockets of India like Jharkhand etc..

Cheers : )

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