Track & Analyze, Cell IMEI Number: Online For Free

How to Track & Analyze, Cell IMEI Number, Online For Free

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Each and every Mobile / Cell Phone in the world has been assigned a unique 15 digit IMEI no.(International Mobile Equipment Identity), it is unique in the sense that it is one and only one, all different for each and every mobile on the Globe irrespective of the country or mobile brands etc.! It sans all the borders.

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To know the IMEI no. of your GSM Mobile handset, just press *#06# and it will pop up to your mobile phone screen.

IMEI no. is used when mobile is lost or being robbed etc. lost mobiles could be tracked & blocked by this unique IMEI no.


When the lost or robbed mobile is switched on, the IMEI number is being transmitted and checked against a unique database in the network EIR (Equipment Identity Register). The EIR contains three categories viz.: the white lists, grey list and black list. The Telco can make a block to the lost mobile handset by putting it in the black list. By GPS (Global Positioning System) a Telco can track the mobile user too.

If you have the IMEI code of a mobile phone, than you are free to check info regarding brand, manufacturer, model, date & country of approval etc.

Analyze the IMEI Number of your GSM Mobile:

Press *#06# on your GSM (Not CDMA) cell phone than enter the IMEI no. here and the info is being in front of you in seconds:

The other site, which provides free analysis of your cell's IMEI no. is:

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mamamobile said... is the site for search your theft or lost mobile

Anonymous said...

There are even more good websites for IMEI analysis.

Unknown said...

Using a google to track your phone is a tough task, you can much more simple tool - sms tracker. It's not only allow you to track sms, but also to locate certain device

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