Tata-Virgin MVNO: Mobile Virtual Network Operator??

The Mobile Operators Association of India is perturbed and fears that Virgin Mobile India will enter India as a MVNO, but it is not the case, DoT / Indian Government is clear that Virgin's entry into the Indian Telecom scene is NOT as MVNO. 

Virgin entered India in association with Tata Teleservices. 

The CDMA Telco, Tata Teleservices MD Anil Sardan already have told the press / media that their tie up with Virgin Mobile in India is completely in compliance of laws of the land and DoT instructions and guidelines, there is NO violation of any rule or law in this regards. and Virgin Mobile is NOT entering India as MVNO. He told, Network is of Tata's, so is the billing and hence the revenues are of Tata Teleservices. Virgin will be used only to expend into segmented sections. 

The GSM Operators lobby COAI is seeking DoT help for a clarification on Richard Branson's Flagship Virgin group entering Indian Mobile scene. 



...So the question remain with us is, what is MVNO = Mobile Virtual Network Operator? With the entry of Virgin Mobile (in association of Tata Teleservices India) in India, the MVNO is the Hottest keyword among the Telcos and Giant Carriers with the Indian Government / DoT. 

Wikipedia explains MVNO & also MNO: 



A company that which has frequency allocation & infrastructure is called Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

Mobile Virtual Network Operator / MVNO = "Switch less Re-sellers"

...So a MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a Mobile Telecom company who do not own a licensed radio spectrum, instead it resells wireless / Mobile Phone services under their own branding, and uses another company's telecom network. Now days the MVNO are becoming a dominant players in Europe, now they have beginning to rise in the United States of America too.

For example, Virgin Mobile is a leading MVNO, it has many partners viz.: C&W Optus in Australia, One 2 One in UK, Sprint PCS in the USA which offer wireless / e-commerce & communication services. 

Now Virgin Mobile partnered Tata Teleservices in India but not as MVNO in India and there is much hue and cry in India on this move and clarification is being sought by Indian GSM OPERATORS on the status of Virgin being entered in India as MVNO or not?!

wave-report.com says: 

MVNO - Network Operator - Country

Tele 2 Europe - Sonoton - Denmark

Cellular 3 - Eircell - Ireland

Telstra - Vodafone New Zealand - New Zealand

Energis - Orange - UK

Also rumors are that AOL is considering an MVNO partnership with AT&T Wireless. 

Interestingly, like everybody, the State / Indian Government owned Telco BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has also trying to cash now this strange new MVNO development emerging in ‘Mobile India’, BSNL is working on plans to tie up with MVNOs! (Reported by Telecom Tiger).


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