Receive Calls, Get Paid,: India Virgin Mobile Ushers New Concept: Add Money For Free Just To Receive Incoming Calls!

India: With the ‘troubled’ entry of Richard Bronson flagship Virgin Group’s, Virgin Mobile into India in association with local Telco Tata Teleservices, it seems a fresh competition among the Telcos is going to spark the price war in rates and plans. 

Virgin Mobile India started advertising RED colored Ads in leading newspapers of India that they WILL PAY (add to the balance) 0.10 Paise for each 60-second call, just to receive a call (in own network circles only, not in roaming)! It’s a new concept in India and seems the brilliant strategy of Virgins Marketing teams’ tactics. 

Freebies, Free is a magic word / concept which work always well in this world and in telecom sector worldwide there is a craze for free calls / free sms, cheap VoIP or free PC to phone call is increasing day by day. 

First, a few years back, the Incoming calls were made free for consumers in India, than local, long distance and International calls were made cheap and cheaper day by day, now it seems the Indian mobile consumer is all set to get paid, just for receiving a call : )

Other Features by Virgin India Mobile for the youth of this country are: one touch VAS access from every virgin mobile branded market and Call More For Less...

Cheers : )

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