Locate & Track Online: Laptops, Lost or Stolen

Site Featured: http://www.locatelaptop.com 

An innovative type of service had emerging in India, and it is to find or locate or track the lost or stolen laptop / computer notebook. Its is known as "Locate Laptop" and is available online http://www.locatelaptop.com just for a tag INR / Rs 3,000 (USD 75) per license, not much for the sake of a laptop with all the invaluable info studded into it. 

Locate Laptop is an anti theft and tracking system software. 

Site Explains: How it Works? 

1. You have to install Locate Laptop software on your laptop / computer. It resides there inside and operates in stealth mode. 

2. You will login to your web based Personal Tracking and Monitoring Page just to view & trace where the laptop has been lastly accessed. 

3. You have to, in an event of Theft, report to Unistal’s emergency response team / login to your Personal Tracking and Monitoring Page and submit the theft. 

4. It would activate Locate Laptop WebSniff technology and alerts as soon as the offender connects to the internet : ) The location with IP address will be informed to the user. It keeps tracking all the locations whenever the offender connects to the Internet. You can trace the culprit with the help of local law / administration and may recover your lost or stolen laptop.

Money Back Guarantee: They claim to pay Back 5 times the cost of Locate Laptop in case laptop is not traceable, (Applicable for INDIAN Clients only and proper police FIR submission).

But what, if the founder of the lost laptop / or thief never comes online with that laptop? I have to find the answer for this million dollar question myself perhaps… 

It would also be nice if this company provides the such type of software for mobile phones too which get lost or stolen. Cell Phone has greater chances for theft or to get lost than a laptop, do not you agree with me? But still they are doing wonder : ) 

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