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If you are Soccer crazy, Cricket lover or simply love all the sports, fantasy, adventure or any type of genre and want to glued it only via your cell phones, than this is the right place for You. 

Mobile ESPN is a mobile / cellular phone based sports info service and is offered by ESPN and Verizon Wireless.

ESPN sports brings Mobile Web on your little cell phone screens. News, Box Scores, Videos, Games and Tools, Fantasy or adventure Sports, Games Highlights, Live Game casting, News, schedules stats and everything related to ESPN Sports is free on the move anywhere, anytime, just your carrier charges may apply which you have to pay to your local telecom company for accessing GPRS etc. 

You can even manage your ESPN fantasy team on your mobile phone. 

To visit ESPN directly from your mobile phone's web browser /Access ESPN on your mobile phone for FREE:

1. Find the mobile web on your phone.

2. Choose the menu option that lets you enter a web address

("Go to", "Go to URL", "Enter URL", "Enter Address", etc.)

3. Enter and select "Go to URL"

To find out how to get ESPN MVP on your Verizon V CAST mobile phone.

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11 Digit Mobile Numbers India: Portability Regime & Future Planning

The Government of India has directed all the Indian telecom companies in India to make arrangements to make the mobile numbers from current existing 10 digits to now 11 digits. (It would be same as in China; the mobile numbers there are 11 digits already). Though no fixed time frame for this is clear!

Than thereafter the mobile numbers will start from '90' in India instead of current, '9'. For example if a cell phone number is now: 9412024365, than it will become now 90 412024365. We have to weather the mobile consumer has to change his SIM card or Telcos will do it by own way without a need to change the existing SIM cards. GSM & CDMA telcos both have to make arrangements for this. 

This is due to the as Number Portability in India is on the cards and there will be a time when Indian Mobile consumers can switch any operator and could retain the same number. 

This is also due to the large subscription of mobile phones in India; cell phone is a huge success in India like China, thanks to the booming young population. It seems Indian government / DoT is all set to prepare in advance as India is on the verge to cross one billion mobile connection in coming times : ) 

Many new telcos are eyeing India and currently there is a fierce competition in this growing high paying and lucrative mobile sector among: BSNL, MTNL, Tata Teleservices, Reliance Communications, Idea, Virgin India Mobile, Hutch, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Spice, Aircell etc etc.

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VoIP: Pay As You Go, Global Calls Unlimited

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Very cheap Calls unlimited and anywhere in the world using your own mobile or land line phone...India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Gulf, UAE, Philippines, Indonesia, China, New Zealand, Germany, Qatar, Germany, Denmark...etc call anywhere unlimited for this low monthly fees. 

iConnectHere is a leading global provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service it is ithe consumer division of deltathree, Inc. Its giving Cheap International Calls plans: 

1. Unlimited International VoIP Calls: You can make unlimited worldwide calls for a fixed flat monthly rent / fee of USD 29.99 per month, it seems to be a wonderful plan for hectic callers / global users. 

2. World Plan Basic: Pay as You Go Plan: They provide just for $6.99 a month, i.e. for a flat low monthly fee, you can make unlimited cheap calls and you only have to pay for the calls you make actually, that is why it is called a Pay as you go plan.

It also gives $30 Bonus for International Calls. 

How it Works: 

Win a free iPod Sweepstakes 

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Hollywood Movies View Free Online: Download Hindi Stream of Films

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For the crazy lovers of Hindi, Bollywood Movies all around the world, India, Pakistan, NRIs etc. a Good site is here for you is to download thousands of movies at the click of a mouse at the ease, sitting in your house on an armchair : ) from anywhere in the world. 

Viewing any movie online is free here, but to download it, you have to pay a bit : ) 

Reliance Group (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani) site offer PAID service to download Hindi Films (Movies), Hero & Heroines, thrillers, All time hits, TV Shows, Plays, Music Videos, Kids Videos and programmes and Movies etc. in various genres. I can see here regional film titles too! 

Movie Genres: 

Action & Adventure, Adult Movies, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Mythological, Romance, Thriller ...

Movie Languages: 

Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu 


Gujarati, Marathi 

Music Videos: 

Film Songs, Music Albums


Educational, History, Moral stories, Mythological

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Locate & Track Online: Laptops, Lost or Stolen

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An innovative type of service had emerging in India, and it is to find or locate or track the lost or stolen laptop / computer notebook. Its is known as "Locate Laptop" and is available online just for a tag INR / Rs 3,000 (USD 75) per license, not much for the sake of a laptop with all the invaluable info studded into it. 

Locate Laptop is an anti theft and tracking system software. 

Site Explains: How it Works? 

1. You have to install Locate Laptop software on your laptop / computer. It resides there inside and operates in stealth mode. 

2. You will login to your web based Personal Tracking and Monitoring Page just to view & trace where the laptop has been lastly accessed. 

3. You have to, in an event of Theft, report to Unistal’s emergency response team / login to your Personal Tracking and Monitoring Page and submit the theft. 

4. It would activate Locate Laptop WebSniff technology and alerts as soon as the offender connects to the internet : ) The location with IP address will be informed to the user. It keeps tracking all the locations whenever the offender connects to the Internet. You can trace the culprit with the help of local law / administration and may recover your lost or stolen laptop.

Money Back Guarantee: They claim to pay Back 5 times the cost of Locate Laptop in case laptop is not traceable, (Applicable for INDIAN Clients only and proper police FIR submission).

But what, if the founder of the lost laptop / or thief never comes online with that laptop? I have to find the answer for this million dollar question myself perhaps… 

It would also be nice if this company provides the such type of software for mobile phones too which get lost or stolen. Cell Phone has greater chances for theft or to get lost than a laptop, do not you agree with me? But still they are doing wonder : ) 

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SMS Collection: Urdu, Punjabi, Love, Islamic, Funny

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If you want the free collection of various genre of SMS / Text Messages under one roof, than visit the above link, it a nice site for free sms collection having the following topics: 

Birthday SMS / Text Messages, Anniversary SMS, April Fool SMS, Eid, Father's Day, Friendship, Funny, Get well soon, Good Luck, Good Morning Good Night, Independence day, Islamic, Jokes, Love, Missing You, New Year Greetings, Poems, Punjabi, Urdu, Valentine's Day, Wedding Greetings, Wise Words SMS / Text Messages etc. 

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Anti Theft: Lost Mobile Tracking, Airtel India Ties with Micro Lab

Anti Theft: Lost Mobile Tracking, Airtel India Ties with Micro Lab

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India: Bharti Airtel ties up with Micro Technologies to offer lost mobile tracking system (LMTS) to make secure the mobile handsets of Airtel subscribers in India.

Symbian status Micro LMTS (lost mobile tracking system) is a UNIQUE product of Micro Technologies.

It is an anti theft mobile location-tracking system developed by Micro Lab. It will track the location of stolen or lost mobile sets in India. When a guy will try to replace or change the SIM card of lost / stolen mobile, a email will automatically send out to the real owner of the mobile handset, and it will tell the exact location etc of the cell phone, thus by using this info the real owner could trap the culprit with the help of local police authorities etc. 

LMTS works with GSM mobile handset technology and would be launched by Airtel, first in the circles of Delhi, NCR and Gujarat.

Receive Calls, Get Paid,: India Virgin Mobile Ushers New Concept: Add Money For Free Just To Receive Incoming Calls!

India: With the ‘troubled’ entry of Richard Bronson flagship Virgin Group’s, Virgin Mobile into India in association with local Telco Tata Teleservices, it seems a fresh competition among the Telcos is going to spark the price war in rates and plans. 

Virgin Mobile India started advertising RED colored Ads in leading newspapers of India that they WILL PAY (add to the balance) 0.10 Paise for each 60-second call, just to receive a call (in own network circles only, not in roaming)! It’s a new concept in India and seems the brilliant strategy of Virgins Marketing teams’ tactics. 

Freebies, Free is a magic word / concept which work always well in this world and in telecom sector worldwide there is a craze for free calls / free sms, cheap VoIP or free PC to phone call is increasing day by day. 

First, a few years back, the Incoming calls were made free for consumers in India, than local, long distance and International calls were made cheap and cheaper day by day, now it seems the Indian mobile consumer is all set to get paid, just for receiving a call : )

Other Features by Virgin India Mobile for the youth of this country are: one touch VAS access from every virgin mobile branded market and Call More For Less...

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Tata-Virgin MVNO: Mobile Virtual Network Operator??

The Mobile Operators Association of India is perturbed and fears that Virgin Mobile India will enter India as a MVNO, but it is not the case, DoT / Indian Government is clear that Virgin's entry into the Indian Telecom scene is NOT as MVNO. 

Virgin entered India in association with Tata Teleservices. 

The CDMA Telco, Tata Teleservices MD Anil Sardan already have told the press / media that their tie up with Virgin Mobile in India is completely in compliance of laws of the land and DoT instructions and guidelines, there is NO violation of any rule or law in this regards. and Virgin Mobile is NOT entering India as MVNO. He told, Network is of Tata's, so is the billing and hence the revenues are of Tata Teleservices. Virgin will be used only to expend into segmented sections. 

The GSM Operators lobby COAI is seeking DoT help for a clarification on Richard Branson's Flagship Virgin group entering Indian Mobile scene. 


...So the question remain with us is, what is MVNO = Mobile Virtual Network Operator? With the entry of Virgin Mobile (in association of Tata Teleservices India) in India, the MVNO is the Hottest keyword among the Telcos and Giant Carriers with the Indian Government / DoT. 

Wikipedia explains MVNO & also MNO:

A company that which has frequency allocation & infrastructure is called Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

Mobile Virtual Network Operator / MVNO = "Switch less Re-sellers"

...So a MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a Mobile Telecom company who do not own a licensed radio spectrum, instead it resells wireless / Mobile Phone services under their own branding, and uses another company's telecom network. Now days the MVNO are becoming a dominant players in Europe, now they have beginning to rise in the United States of America too.

For example, Virgin Mobile is a leading MVNO, it has many partners viz.: C&W Optus in Australia, One 2 One in UK, Sprint PCS in the USA which offer wireless / e-commerce & communication services. 

Now Virgin Mobile partnered Tata Teleservices in India but not as MVNO in India and there is much hue and cry in India on this move and clarification is being sought by Indian GSM OPERATORS on the status of Virgin being entered in India as MVNO or not?! says: 

MVNO - Network Operator - Country

Tele 2 Europe - Sonoton - Denmark

Cellular 3 - Eircell - Ireland

Telstra - Vodafone New Zealand - New Zealand

Energis - Orange - UK

Also rumors are that AOL is considering an MVNO partnership with AT&T Wireless. 

Interestingly, like everybody, the State / Indian Government owned Telco BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has also trying to cash now this strange new MVNO development emerging in ‘Mobile India’, BSNL is working on plans to tie up with MVNOs! (Reported by Telecom Tiger).

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T5000 Camera Watches Under the Clothes

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Oxford shire, Thru Vision, a British company has developed a strip search T5000 camera which can secretly scan drugs, weapons, and even explosives hidden under people's private clothes from up to 80 meters away, this is a breakthrough invention for the security industries worldwide! 

Thanks to the passive imaging technology, which could detect objects by their natural electromagnetic rays, popularly called as Terahertz or T-rays! 

The T5000 camera designers' claims that T5000 Cam's images do not show the body contours or any anatomical details : ) but it seems it will start a series of debate all over there, regards the privacy of a man or a woman with governmental or security agencies?? 

What are your views and what you think : ) 

Cheers : )

Best Air, Bangladesh: Free SMS Alert To Board Airplane

Myadhan Blog reports that private airliner, the Best Air of Bangladesh has initiated the Real Time Free Boarding Text Alert facility for its passengers waiting to aboard (two and half ours prior to the flight scheduled departure time). It’s a nice free VAS (value added service) service by an Airlines in Bangladesh. 

Though anyone can always get informed about various services offered by Airline Best Air via the SMS from his mobile phone. 

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Track & Analyze, Cell IMEI Number: Online For Free

How to Track & Analyze, Cell IMEI Number, Online For Free

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Each and every Mobile / Cell Phone in the world has been assigned a unique 15 digit IMEI no.(International Mobile Equipment Identity), it is unique in the sense that it is one and only one, all different for each and every mobile on the Globe irrespective of the country or mobile brands etc.! It sans all the borders.

Related: free calls

To know the IMEI no. of your GSM Mobile handset, just press *#06# and it will pop up to your mobile phone screen.

IMEI no. is used when mobile is lost or being robbed etc. lost mobiles could be tracked & blocked by this unique IMEI no.


When the lost or robbed mobile is switched on, the IMEI number is being transmitted and checked against a unique database in the network EIR (Equipment Identity Register). The EIR contains three categories viz.: the white lists, grey list and black list. The Telco can make a block to the lost mobile handset by putting it in the black list. By GPS (Global Positioning System) a Telco can track the mobile user too.

If you have the IMEI code of a mobile phone, than you are free to check info regarding brand, manufacturer, model, date & country of approval etc.

Analyze the IMEI Number of your GSM Mobile:

Press *#06# on your GSM (Not CDMA) cell phone than enter the IMEI no. here and the info is being in front of you in seconds:

The other site, which provides free analysis of your cell's IMEI no. is:

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Free International Calls: Jaxtr Trick

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Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Ultimate Hack for Free Worldwide Calls:

The above site claims to have a trick so one can use Jaxtr, to make Free International Calls, this hack could be of good use if it sounds to be true : )

Free International calls, VoIP Call, Free Calls from Computer, PC, Internet are the charm of this world, we live in era of communications and cheap unlimited global calls could never be ruled out, communication is the key to the growth of this Information super highway. 

Talkfree7 is always in the search of great resources, which could provide our Global readers the free calls, sms, text, etc. We request to our readers if you know any such workable, honest and genuine resources please comment here or direct email us, we will publish them with your reference, if you wish : ) 

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Free SMS Reminders: UK, NZ, Australia

Talkfree7 Thanks to Daniel, our keen reader for pointing out this nice site:

Here one can send ALL FREE SMS daily, online using computer + Internet to anyone who resides in UK, Australia (Oz), or New Zealand, any Mobile.

You can also set SMS reminders for your date, Crush, exam, function, Interview, Travel, Happy Birthday, Rminding any important thing to you, Rent Due, Forgetful friends etc etc. 

So do not wait, use to send free text messages / sms reminders online everyday in UK, Australia and NZ (New Zealand)!

Philippines, USA Free SMS: Unlimited

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Bonuscall, is a prepaid telephone company, they have released a free websms widget, txtTAYO websms widget to make free SMS / Text messages via Internet / web. 

You are allowed to send and receive free text messages to & from and within the USA and the Philippines / Pinoy, for FREE! Pinoys are Text / SMS crazy and this could be a good service for them offering free SMS.

So start sending SMS to Philippines + USA using web / Internet and also receive SMS from the USA and Pinoy / Philippines on the web itself, and the replies from Philippines will cost your txtmates at most Php1.00.

Note: We have NOT checked this service so please make inquiry before getting in. 

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Japan Free Skype Calls on PSP; Ebay + Sony Combines

Japan Free Calls: Skype + PSP = Ebay + Sony Combines

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Reuters reports that Japan's Sony will add (Skype: it is an Ebay company, pioneer in online auction) Skype web phone (Internet Telephony) service to its popular Play Station Portable console or PSP from March in Japan, it’s a nice move to call free via Sony PSP and Skype combination.

We know PSP is driving hard to compete with Nintendo's Gameboy DS console and to woo the more gaming crazy consumers worldwide and in Japan the Sony Inc. had initiated this move to add Skype to its PSP!

Sony already had started offering Skype web calling service via PSP like in UK markets too. Now its the turn of Sony's home country Japan where PSP users will start calling free Web phone calls to the other fellow PSP users and also to users of Laptops / PCs having Skype software : ) PSP is not to play games only but its meant to be a pure communication handheld device now that could make cheap to free AUDIO / VIDEO calls with Skype to Skype now and on wards.

Norway: Local Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Norway: Local Virtual Toll Free Numbers

Featured Site:

You can forward phone calls to any country, state, or province in the world, just activate, your new Norway Toll Free phone number and it will forward to /ring your existing phone number anywhere on the Earth : )

Accessible from: Mobile Phones, Pay Phones! Activation & Trial is Free.

Talkfree7: Internet & Mobile Association India Membership

Featured News:

Happy News for Talkfree7 readers, Talkfree7 is now a proud member of Internet & Mobile Association of India / India Internet and Wireless Universe.

Thanks for your overwhelming support and wishes, we will try to get more better in the coming times, stay tuned...

Mobile New Keypad Design Technology

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Have a look to the above link Mobile Phone keypad technology could be designed like this so one could easily use T9 recognition, QWERTY type keyboard on tiny screens!

A cell phone named ZTE D series which utilises this technology announced in USA, also the LG Electronics licensing this technology for UK, one can expect to have these mobiles in their pockets soon which uses the innovative designed keypads!

UAE: Etisalat Mobile Broadband Internet: Max 3.5G

UAE / Gulf: The leading UAE Telco Etisalat has announced a new Broadband Internet service with mobile broadband with 3.5G data bundle. The broadband Internet users in UAE who are on the constant move and require high speed data access on the move could avail this new Mobile broadband Internet in Gulf / UAE.

With using a mobile Data USB modem one could experience a fast speed Internet broadband access of upto 7.2 megabits a second (Mbps).

To make this offer more attractive and fruitful, Etisalat has an offer which is valid till may 19th, here one could have a monthly 100GB data usage during this period, the usage limit will revert back to 10 GB after the promotion deal.

The Wasel customers also will now able to get subscribed to this great mobile broadband Internet service for the first time.

Cheers : )


India: Virgin Mobile + Tata Tele Services (TTSL) Inks Brand Franchise

Virgin Mobile, the UK based Telco has tied up a BRAND FRANCHISE in India with TTSL (Tata Tele services) under which Richard Branson Virgin Mobile group will provide VAS (Value added services) to Tata Group and pointing to the Indian Youth : )

Virgin Mobile announced that they will bring in "10 telecom industry firsts' to the Indian telecom mobile scene which includes GETTING PAYMENT FOR INCOMING CALLS, one touch VAS access from every virgin mobile brandede market and CALL MORE FOR LESS etc are the features in the pipeline with TTSL (Tata Teleservices) + Virgin Mobile.

Colored Holi Funny Free SMS

Colored Holi Funny Free Text messages

Holi is a Happy festival of colours in India, people greets and cheer and celebrate Holi with Gulal, Colours…So as Holi is approaching Talkfree7 has something for you, the colourful messages / SMS / Text sites for you, enjoy Cheers! Do not forget to bookmark this page and site : )

Featured Sites:

Funny Holi SMS

English SMS: Holi

Hindi Holi SMS

Cool Free Holi SMS

BEST Holi SMS for Indians / NRIs

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