Xperia: Sony Ericsson Windows Mobile, Arc Slider

Barcelona: The official opening of Mobile World Congress 2008 @ Barcelona is not only attracting the attention of laymen but also of the all the pundits of the very industry and the entire small and Big Mobile manufacturers and companies are eyeing the each and every glimpse of the each news that breaks there. The wireless world is keenly having a tab on this much-awaited Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2008.

Sony Ericsson announced at Barcelona Mobile Wireless World Congress 2008 about their latest 'wireless weapon' in Smart Mobile handset technology and design, Sony Ericsson detailed its FIRST ever phone having Windows Mobile OS, and it is XPERIA XI, smart phone

Xperia XI is an arc sliding smart mobile phone, touch screen technology (as compared to Apple's iPhone), full QWERTY key board, VGA, 3-inch display screen, 5.1 oz weight, supports HSDPA / HSUPA and Wi-Fi standards, slower GSM and Edge networks. Pricing is yet to disclosed, features of windows mobile are inserted like for email: outlook Mobile, for office mobile there is: word, excel, power point, Internet explorer. 

Sony Eriksson seems to shed the current OS in its mobile handsets known as UIQ and it runs with Symbian OS, for the first time Sony Eriksson has used the Windows OS in her Mobile handset, it seems an indication by Sony Eriksson towards its future Love towards Google Android OS for mobiles, who knows, but Android is coming, its certain be its Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola or anyone else...

For the mobile phones segment war is Hot in between Internet giants Google, MSN, Yahoo, Microsoft all are eying to capture the either its wireless, its mobile search or the Mobile operating system (Android, Windows, Symbian or any other OS). Consumer is the King!

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