Visual Mobile Voicemail: Google GRANDCENTRAL Opened, One Phone Number connects ALL Phones

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Now Google presents: Free Phone Calls & Visual Mobile Voicemails On Blogs with its newly acquired GrandCentral. Yes, now one could easily receive phone calls or / and post voicemails on the blog itself. 

Google's GrandCentral, lets us add these communication 'gadgets' on our blogs / sites for free! Its was Google economy all around, before now it comes to Google Communications era and also Google is streaming high into Space (Google Mars, Earth, Moon, Space…) as well as foraying into Health! So Don’t be Evil : ) when its Google!

GrandCentral is a unique service and it allows users to integrate all of their existing phone numbers + voice mailbox es in one SINGLE account, and that SINGLE account can be accessed easily from the Internet / Web / WWW.

So add a WebCall button to your site / blog, and let your web traffic call your phone / cell phone or they could leave voicemails without ever knowing your telephone number. 

You can also screen calls, accept or deny or can send them to your voicemail, and the good thing is that you can even filter / block unwanted callers too! Right now it is only available from / within the USA! Google rightly says Grandcentral as: The right way to use your phones!


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