USA Unlimited Calls: Talk Wi-Fi at Home Hot Spot: T-Mobile Goes Land line

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T-Mobile, USA is the part of The Deutsche Telekom AG, its one of the leading local Telco / phone company of Germany. T-Mobile USA is basically a cell phone carrier but now its going land line too with a plan "Talk Forever Home Phone", which will provide unlimited local and domestic long distance calls in whole of the USA where there is the coverage and network resides for T-Mobile, USA. 

Now Mobile phones will work on Wi-Fi in your house! T-Mobile, USA...When you are on the move, it will work like a regular cell phone. With the Hot spot @Home Talk Forever Mobile plan, one will get unlimited USA calling from home for flat $10 per month for an Individual plan. T Mobile also offers BlackBerry curve with hot spot at home talk forever plan...

Mobile Hot Spot @ Home Wireless Router / T-Mobile, USA: Talk Forever Home Phone Plan: is offering wired phone service for $10 a month, plus taxes and fees, for their wireless subscribers in the Seattle and Dallas. They can now make an unlimited local and domestic long distance calls. It will reside with customer's high speed Internet connection, like as VoIP provider Vonage Holdings Corp. This service uses short range Wi-Fi network!

T-Mobile’s Hot [email protected] is a dual mode phone service, as the service centers on Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA), it permits handsets to switch seamless between the cellular and Wi-Fi networks to make and receive calls! It is a desired service for the guys who care to dump their home phones also for those who are near Wi-Fi networks locations.

Catch: Subscribers will ALSO have to sign up for wireless plan cost minimum $39.99 per month! Oops...But nothing come for free : (

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