Unlimited VoIP Calls Russia, US, Israel, Canada, Worldwide

Featured Site: http://www.telphinusa.com/index_en.aspx

This Unlimited Calling Site (not free though) but seems interesting and it says hats its the best connection for Russian speaking guys in this world : ) It further elaborates that if you are one of the residents of either Russia (ex USSR), Israel, USA or Canada and communicate with guys in Russia, USA, Canada or Israel quiet frequently than this site TelphinUSA is surely for you.

They have the unlimited calls plan for Russia + Israel + USA + Canada (all combined including mobile phone calling but mobile phones of Russia and Israel are not included currently) package for you just for flat monthly rate of USD 44 only + VoIP calls to over 60 countries for monthly flat rate of USD59.

You do not have to worry for the expensive per minute charges etc. There is a 14 day money back guarantee too to this lucrative offer : ) Its great : ) No need of calling cards, just call on phone Russia, call on phone Israel, call unlimited on phone USA, and call unlimited any time on phone Canada for the flat monthly rates!


Site explains:

Have unlimited calls to Russia included in the monthly cost of your calling plan

Get a direct Moscow, Tel Aviv, … number that will ring in the US, Israel, etc…

Experience Incoming Anywhere Plan where people calling your Moscow or St. Petersburg number will find you anywhere in the world – on any land line or mobile ..."

TelphinUSA is a new startup VoIP Solutions provider and provides VoIP unlimited calls to Russia, Israel, US, Canada and Worldwide.

Telphin claims to be themself as the only VoIP Provider who offers conference calling with the access numbers from USA phones, Moscow, St. Peteresburg, Israel phones, Russian phones, and also to many European phones too...

They claims: TelphinUSA is the only company which offers Moscow or St. Petersburg (Russia) number even when you reside in USA, Canada, Israel, Europe.

TelphinUSA uses PayPal, a global online payment system, to process your credit card payments, so online security and safety is ensured, as Paypal is Global leader in online payments solutions.

They also have Incoming calling anywhere plans: new exclusive service from TelphinUSA: if you wish that you got a call when yours in Russia dials a Moscow number or yours in Israel dials a Tel Aviv number, you can be anywhere in the world and the call for you will reach you on your existing phone including mobile phone, its great : )


They also have: Direct Virtual Numbers - Direct Russian number, direct Israel number, Direct USA, Canada number and Direct Number Europe, Australia, and others, Ring Anywhere in the World!


14 days Money Back Gurantee:


Free Unlimited Worldwide VoIP, Internet to Phone Calls:


Free Calling in Worldwide Telphin Network

All calls make to the phones in the TelphinUSA network globally are free of charge. One can call any destination for any amount of time for free within the TelphinUSA network.

Even one can share his friends, family to sign up for TelphinUSA and never pay for calls to them as when you do, you are sure to get credit for one free month of unlimited international long distance with their Refer A Friend program.

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