Unlimited Cheap Calls USA, Local and Long Distance

It seems Free / Cheap: Mobile, Land line Phone calls (local / long distance) price war now has started in USA: 

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Verizon Wireless, AT&T Inc and Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile, USA have pronounced their respective flat rate plans for an unlimited cheap phone calls in the United States of America (USA)! 

Stock market is watching helplessly as a fear grips that investors’ concerns is, may be price a war would break out and it is signaling Telecom Stocks, other equities / share may be at falling spree or a "Bear" sentiment could prevail or could never be ruled out?!

Verizon Wireless & Vodafone Group Plc, announced earlier that they have started offering unlimited cheap calls for flat $99.99 a month to call in USA local or long distance!

AT&T too followed the path with a plan, and now T-Mobile USA is going ahead of all by giving unlimited SMS / texts + calls for the same price! Consumer is the King! 

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