Switzerland: Swisscom Free SMS / Calls (Mobile)

Featured News: http://www.swisscom.com/GHQ/content/Media/Medienmitteilungen/2008/20080121_Jugendabo_Natel_xtra.htm?lang=en

Switzerland: From March 1st, 2008 on wards leading Swiss Telco Swisscom is offering free cell / Mobile phone calls to young + teen subscribers up to the age of 26 years in Switzerland (Switzerland & Liechtenstein to the Swisscom mobile network, fixed network, Calls are also free of charge to M-Budget, Migros mobile networks and to Combox)! It will not cover roaming calls. 

Youngsters would be allowed to make free calls from mobile to Swisscom mobile network and the fixed network, 24 hours in a day. Its courtesy by new young people's subscription NATEL swiss xtra-liberty Plus! But they have to pay a flat monthly basic fee subscription of CHF 29, it includes 100 free Text / SMS messages too.

To subscribe a new subscription and already in possession of a NATEL subscription sign up sending sms / text "xtraplus" to the # 444.

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