Sony PSP: Video Calls with BT-UK + VoIP Skype International Calls

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PSP: Video Calls (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe along with British Telecommunication, {BT}:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and UK's British Telecommunication (BT) has join hands to make Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) to make Video Calls enabled, this unique contract would make enable Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) to optimize with good quality video handheld calls, all voice calls also some another telecommunication features which requires wireless broadband technology.

This service initially would be start in UK, but could later spread into another other European countries!

Previously it was Nokia's popular N-gage mobile phone which could turn into handheld gaming device, but now its for the very first time that the telecommunication & entertainment are going to blend seamless : ) Telecom technology is going to blend with Video Gaming industry, don’t you think its a revolution??!


VoIP Skype Calls Sony PSP:

Another nice news is that Sony PSP will work with VOIP calling now! Sony's latest official declaration is that the Skype is now enabled with its popular PlayStation Portable (PSP).

One could make Skype International calls with Sony PSP, with almost all Skype features viz.: Skype in or Skype out. Also one could make call your friends along with playing games (Skype is optimized only with PSP 2000 (or means PSP Lite, PSP Slim, PSP Petite)

One could globally or Internationally use this VoIP Skype + Sony PSP combo pack, just you have to sign up with some local SIP VoIP! And you should have some nearby hot wi-fi access point. (It’s free in many locations across the globe, with a SIPGate).

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