SMS-TV or Participation TV: Interactive SMS to TV

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In Europe SMS / Text Messaging or the content related services using the SMS are becoming day by day popular and widespread. 

Particularly, NOW a TV interactive service SMS-TV / Participation TV is emerging and is experiencing eccentric growth. Here in this SMS-TV the SMS codes are being aired / indicated on the TV screens (Idiot Boxes), and this interactive service than make allow her viewers to Chat, participate / share directly in the programs itself and to make eligible for the purchase of desired contents via mobile / cell phones. 

Like: using the Text Messages / SMS, the esteemed viewers could put and reply answers to the quiz shows etc etc, TV viewers can also play real time interactive Participation TV / SMS-TV Games on the LCD / Plasma / Flat TV screens are any TV they have! Viewers also can cast votes in choosing /selection programs and can easily share or receive other Tele vision interactive content services with MMS SMS-TV.

SMS-TV / Participation TV is a ever increasing and reliable source of revenues and a Big financial source in this current economical scenario! as TV revenue is on decline as of bottleneck competition and on other hand Mobile is on the grow now and participation TV / SMS-TV can provides a new means to deal in mobile /cell /PDA / handheld gadgets contents and it could generate further benefits and much more! This SMS-TV is now is a service which is now actively promoted by the TV stations all over the world / internationally.

Yarosa Mobile Entertainment is one of the leading operators in the SMS-TV / broadcasting / cell phone / mobile entertainment market. They create and develop also market mobile interactivity for the TV broadcasters, around the Globe. Yarosa currently actively provides Mobile Content Services to Interact with TV around the Globe.

Yarosa Entertainment, is a Dutch (Netherlands) based Company and specializes in SMS / MMS / Text messaging / television applications for TV broadcasters, around the world. 

The Index Corporation has to Invest in Yarosa Entertainment B.V. in the Netherlands, and will provide MMS-SMS-TV Services to 30+ Countries globally.

...Another deal will result in making Yarosa Mobile, providing MTV's nine UK channels and range of mobile phone applications all along the UK and the Ireland.

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