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"Calling Deltathree'! No, it’s not a joke or science fiction Star Trek! It’s a reality. 

Deltathree has a consumer division iConnectHere, it is one of the pioneer in VoIP calling or free / cheap calls PC to Phone, cheap calls using computer, it had launched a new India targeted promo: Free Calls to the USA / Canada from India!

How to: iConnectHere describes: "... all its needed is an access to a PC. Consumers do not need to have access to any land line or a cell phone. iConnectHere easily turns any PC into a phone. The caller just needs to download the iConnectHere soft phone dialer and make free calls to all regular and cellular phones in the USA."

It will no doubt benefit lots of NRIs in USA, Canada and their family, friends and loved once in India! Great Free Calling Gift indeed. 

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