Free Unlimited Calls Korea to Japan: Samsung Wyz 070

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"Hardphone'' service in Korea will open a free international calls channel! It will enhance VoIP Calling, Internet phones, to provide consumers so they could take the advantage of the cheap call rates via PC.

Samsung Network told that its users would be able to make free, unlimited calls to Japan now! As they have come to a partnership with Japanese Internet phone provider Softbank BB.

As we know that there are two types of Internet calling phones: hardphones & softphones. Softphone requires Computer / PC, headset, Microphone etc. Skype is a softphone calling free service! 

Hardphones are in demand and easy to operate, they look like an ordinary calling instruments / phones. In Korea they are in demand and Samsung Networks, LG Dacom & SK Telink are selling these phones, which come with a prefix code 070. 

Samsung Networks' free Korea to Japan telephone service is called Samsung Wyz 070, has some initial limitations. It is free between only the subscribers of Samsung and Softbank.

But I hope and wish it would become more big and grow faster as the free calls between Korea to Japan is a need of the day and it would benefit hundred thousands of consumers!

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