Free International Peer to Peer Calls: A Broadband Internet Connection + Any Normal Phone, NO PC Required

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Meaning of, IP Vaani = Internet Protocol Voice (Vaani is Hindi: Indian language word which means Voice).

IPVaani is a free calling service it uses peer to peer technology or we can say person to person real time IP Voice enabled communications services. IPVaani needs a broadband connection to call free via voice / video calling.

The really free Phone to Phone calls could be made here, no need of heavy headsets, Skype Mobile or even a PC / Computer or laptop : ) Just use your any favorite telephone + existing broadband Internet connection...


It’s not a hack, its for real. You only have to pay for your Broadband charges and Never to International calling that was made via broadband telephony!

IPVanni is a free VoIP / VoBB {Voice Over Broad Band} for its subscribers; the subscribers just need a broadband Internet connection with no PC requirement. The normal phones could be used to make calls via Internet broadband and VoIP technology. Good Voice is the promise of IPVaani (I had though never tried, tested or use it, so no guarantees from check it yourself, if you like).

No recurring monthly charges.

How It Works:

IPvaani is a unique calling service it uses the normal phone with any of your existing Internet broadband connection (using VoIP technology) for making Voice / video calls and communications.

The best is that you always are free to make unlimited International / worldwide free calls to other IPvaani subscribers.
What You Need:

* Any existing / new Broadband Internet Connection: Cable or DSL (No PC required),
* Any Regular phone / Cordless phone,
* The Pre configured IPvaani phone adapter (you have to buy it from the site itself, they accept Paypal).

Cheers : )

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