Google Maps: Mobile Location, GPS Not Required

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GPS enabled Mobiles / Cell phone can help you to track any location on this Earth but for the guys who do not have any GPS SMART Mobile Phone, here is a Google solution to find approximate location with Google Maps Mobile version.

'My Location' technology by Google Maps for mobile uses cell tower identification to give the location info, and the good thing is this ALSO works with NON GPS enabled Mobile Phones.

They say: "Simply fire up Google Maps for mobile, press [0], and the map will indicate your approximate location by centering on a blue circle..."

My Location Mobile Maps by Google Satellite imagery, is faster than GPS enabled cell phones in many cases and gives faster location on map, it also do not consumes much mobile battery like most of GPS enabled Mobiles / PDAs.

Try Google Maps mobile My Location: SMS text "MYLOCATION" to number 33669, or go to with your mobile phone's browser.

Official Google Mobile Blog: New magical blue circle on your map

Visual Mobile Voicemail: Google GRANDCENTRAL Opened, One Phone Number connects ALL Phones

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Now Google presents: Free Phone Calls & Visual Mobile Voicemails On Blogs with its newly acquired GrandCentral. Yes, now one could easily receive phone calls or / and post voicemails on the blog itself. 

Google's GrandCentral, lets us add these communication 'gadgets' on our blogs / sites for free! Its was Google economy all around, before now it comes to Google Communications era and also Google is streaming high into Space (Google Mars, Earth, Moon, Space…) as well as foraying into Health! So Don’t be Evil : ) when its Google!

GrandCentral is a unique service and it allows users to integrate all of their existing phone numbers + voice mailbox es in one SINGLE account, and that SINGLE account can be accessed easily from the Internet / Web / WWW.

So add a WebCall button to your site / blog, and let your web traffic call your phone / cell phone or they could leave voicemails without ever knowing your telephone number. 

You can also screen calls, accept or deny or can send them to your voicemail, and the good thing is that you can even filter / block unwanted callers too! Right now it is only available from / within the USA! Google rightly says Grandcentral as: The right way to use your phones!


Official Google Blog: All aboard:

Unlimited Cheap Calls USA, Local and Long Distance

It seems Free / Cheap: Mobile, Land line Phone calls (local / long distance) price war now has started in USA: 

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Verizon Wireless, AT&T Inc and Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile, USA have pronounced their respective flat rate plans for an unlimited cheap phone calls in the United States of America (USA)! 

Stock market is watching helplessly as a fear grips that investors’ concerns is, may be price a war would break out and it is signaling Telecom Stocks, other equities / share may be at falling spree or a "Bear" sentiment could prevail or could never be ruled out?!

Verizon Wireless & Vodafone Group Plc, announced earlier that they have started offering unlimited cheap calls for flat $99.99 a month to call in USA local or long distance!

AT&T too followed the path with a plan, and now T-Mobile USA is going ahead of all by giving unlimited SMS / texts + calls for the same price! Consumer is the King! 

Cheers : )

USA Unlimited Calls: Talk Wi-Fi at Home Hot Spot: T-Mobile Goes Land line

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T-Mobile, USA is the part of The Deutsche Telekom AG, its one of the leading local Telco / phone company of Germany. T-Mobile USA is basically a cell phone carrier but now its going land line too with a plan "Talk Forever Home Phone", which will provide unlimited local and domestic long distance calls in whole of the USA where there is the coverage and network resides for T-Mobile, USA. 

Now Mobile phones will work on Wi-Fi in your house! T-Mobile, USA...When you are on the move, it will work like a regular cell phone. With the Hot spot @Home Talk Forever Mobile plan, one will get unlimited USA calling from home for flat $10 per month for an Individual plan. T Mobile also offers BlackBerry curve with hot spot at home talk forever plan...

Mobile Hot Spot @ Home Wireless Router / T-Mobile, USA: Talk Forever Home Phone Plan: is offering wired phone service for $10 a month, plus taxes and fees, for their wireless subscribers in the Seattle and Dallas. They can now make an unlimited local and domestic long distance calls. It will reside with customer's high speed Internet connection, like as VoIP provider Vonage Holdings Corp. This service uses short range Wi-Fi network!

T-Mobile’s Hot [email protected] is a dual mode phone service, as the service centers on Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA), it permits handsets to switch seamless between the cellular and Wi-Fi networks to make and receive calls! It is a desired service for the guys who care to dump their home phones also for those who are near Wi-Fi networks locations.

Catch: Subscribers will ALSO have to sign up for wireless plan cost minimum $39.99 per month! Oops...But nothing come for free : (

Cheers : ) 


Free Calls: North America, Phone To Phone

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Jaduka literally means simply: "getting down to business" 

Call for free in North America: Phone-to-Phone free calling. Try it for free North America (USA) calls now, any number! This is a very simple and easy site to understand with NO twists or tails : )

Talkfree7 SALUTES!!! and Thanks to Vinay @ the for guiding excellent to the Free calling world : ), we regard this Blog as ONE of our 'Gurus' the other one is Amit's : )

Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Jaduka DukaDial offers free North America calls:


Switzerland: Swisscom Free SMS / Calls (Mobile)

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Switzerland: From March 1st, 2008 on wards leading Swiss Telco Swisscom is offering free cell / Mobile phone calls to young + teen subscribers up to the age of 26 years in Switzerland (Switzerland & Liechtenstein to the Swisscom mobile network, fixed network, Calls are also free of charge to M-Budget, Migros mobile networks and to Combox)! It will not cover roaming calls. 

Youngsters would be allowed to make free calls from mobile to Swisscom mobile network and the fixed network, 24 hours in a day. Its courtesy by new young people's subscription NATEL swiss xtra-liberty Plus! But they have to pay a flat monthly basic fee subscription of CHF 29, it includes 100 free Text / SMS messages too.

To subscribe a new subscription and already in possession of a NATEL subscription sign up sending sms / text "xtraplus" to the # 444.

Cheers : )

Unlimited Calls Russia: It's Not Rebtel VoIP?

Famous VoIP & Free Calls Blog: VoiP Guides: has a review for popular Net to Phone (VoIP) company Rebtel. One of their Russian caller is NOT happy with Rebtel's so called "foul play" with pricing! Hmm, this is serious, if its true. 

Here at Talkfree7, I posted a site which offers Cheap calls @ USD44 a month to Russia, Moscow + St. Petersburg + USA + Canada + Israel yes all for 44 US$ a month flat and unlimited and global unlimited VoIP calling is for a monthly flat rates of USD59, Is it not good?

Free VOIP Solution Free calls Worldwide: Rebtel VOIP foul play:

Cheers : )

Get Free UK Virtual Number +44

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For the guys who are either Business travelers or roam a lot globally or may be he who need a Virtual UK Phone number than this site holds good for them. You will get a single UK number and could be contacted by this number, wherever you may be. Good for travelers, businesses and who really need this call forwarding service to UK virtual number.

But SMS or Text Messages could not be forwarded or send by using this UK Virtual number service.

And the UK virtual numbers provided by this site could only be dialed from UK! It saves the International roaming expenses for a UK traveler. It’s just Global Free call forwarding.

Cheers : )

Free Canada Numbers:

India to USA & Canada Free Calls: iConnectHere: Global Internet Phone Service

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"Calling Deltathree'! No, it’s not a joke or science fiction Star Trek! It’s a reality. 

Deltathree has a consumer division iConnectHere, it is one of the pioneer in VoIP calling or free / cheap calls PC to Phone, cheap calls using computer, it had launched a new India targeted promo: Free Calls to the USA / Canada from India!

How to: iConnectHere describes: "... all its needed is an access to a PC. Consumers do not need to have access to any land line or a cell phone. iConnectHere easily turns any PC into a phone. The caller just needs to download the iConnectHere soft phone dialer and make free calls to all regular and cellular phones in the USA."

It will no doubt benefit lots of NRIs in USA, Canada and their family, friends and loved once in India! Great Free Calling Gift indeed. 

Cheers: ) 


Free Unlimited Calls Korea to Japan: Samsung Wyz 070

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"Hardphone'' service in Korea will open a free international calls channel! It will enhance VoIP Calling, Internet phones, to provide consumers so they could take the advantage of the cheap call rates via PC.

Samsung Network told that its users would be able to make free, unlimited calls to Japan now! As they have come to a partnership with Japanese Internet phone provider Softbank BB.

As we know that there are two types of Internet calling phones: hardphones & softphones. Softphone requires Computer / PC, headset, Microphone etc. Skype is a softphone calling free service! 

Hardphones are in demand and easy to operate, they look like an ordinary calling instruments / phones. In Korea they are in demand and Samsung Networks, LG Dacom & SK Telink are selling these phones, which come with a prefix code 070. 

Samsung Networks' free Korea to Japan telephone service is called Samsung Wyz 070, has some initial limitations. It is free between only the subscribers of Samsung and Softbank.

But I hope and wish it would become more big and grow faster as the free calls between Korea to Japan is a need of the day and it would benefit hundred thousands of consumers!

International Calls at Local Rates: TPad, VoIP Numbers

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Fast growing VoIP giant has made easy the International calling now. Now dial local access number to call @ local rates in at least 40 countries now! The best is that a caller would be charged @ local calls rate, he may be anywhere in this world calling from! The Globe has become smaller in matter of Internet Free / Cheap calls or VoIP calling worldwide from Computer / PC : ) 

TPad as well as its consumers are happy to receive this local International calling gift and they can now talk, chat @ local access rates to their friends and relations no matter where they live in this world! Now a consumer wish to make cheap or local international calls has to do all is: register a free TPad account than start making international calls using any NORMAL phone (yes true forget PC) and at the cost of a local call, via local access number!

Cheers : )

Related: TPad Vista VoIP SoftPhone for Computers:

TalkFree7 International Calls, SMS: Add Toolbar

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Guys, if you wish to get linked with Free International Calls, SMS, Texts tools to your desktop / PC / Laptop, than please add our toolbar for, no spyware and malware. It also makes your Free Calls Google search easy and much faster to any country + free SMS search easy to any country.

This unique toolbar also has weather, games, radio, check your emails, Google search, chat, gadgets and many many more things you can never imagine, the best is this OFFICIAL toolbar comes from Talkfree7 and this toolbar comes with Uninstaller!

Mobile Phone Uses: Talking, SMS, Music, TV

Featured News:,142555-c,cellphones/article.html

Besides Talking cell phone uses are: Chinese love to listen Music, Americans use it most for emailing, Indians for lengthy cheap calls, Videos and Text / SMS, UK for Texting, Italy, Spain, Britain mostly use cell for sharing, sending photos...Koreans & Japan use it more for Mobile TV etc. 

It’s interesting to read the country trends and habits that affect the cell phone uses in a particular country! But one thing is clear that Teens all over the globe love to play with their mobiles with its every and all rich features : ) 

Cheers : )

Air Tickets: Book Flights by Mobile via SMS

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India: Now you can book your Flights Ticket via Texting / Mobile Phone! Travel portal and e commerce giant has initiated a system where customers can make a flight search, book or pay for and also can receive domestic air tickets via mobile phones. 

Just send ‘MakeMyTrip’ as SMS to 543219 and search, book and pay for Air tickets. There is a concept of a mChek PIN number.

Free Calls India: From UK, USA, Canada This Valentine

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The Free Calling Card to India (20 minutes) is being offered this Valentine, upto Feb16th, 2008, free calls only from USA, Canada and UK. This is Times Group service and is in Beta now.

But here is a Trick / Hack to call India free from here via any country:

Valentine's Day: Free International Calls, Unlimited

Valentine's Day: Free International Calls, Unlimited

Verizon gifts Absolutely Free Calls on Valentine's Day for U.S.A. troops camping in Iraq:

Free Calls for US Troops camping in Iraq on Valentine's Day


Free Calling Card to India on Valentine's Day:


Gift free Calls and love to your sweetheart this valentine's day: 


More Free Calls link on Valentine's Day:

Call, Hug, Amuse your Hot Valentine for Free this Valentine Day! Happy Valentine's Day

Say it with Roses...

YouTube-iPhone-iPod-PSP-MP3: Free Converter

All are freeware below: 

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, Free DL: 


Free YouTube to iPhone Converter1.3 

DL videos from YouTube, YouTube to iPhone Converter makes this for free for you. You just need to give the program a link with YouTube video, and your video will come in MP4 format and ready to upload to any Apple's iPhone. 


Free YouTube to iPod & PSP Converter. 

DL free favourite video direct from YouTube than convert to any iPod, PSP or any mobile /cell phone, convert *.flv video files to *.mp4.

Xperia: Sony Ericsson Windows Mobile, Arc Slider

Barcelona: The official opening of Mobile World Congress 2008 @ Barcelona is not only attracting the attention of laymen but also of the all the pundits of the very industry and the entire small and Big Mobile manufacturers and companies are eyeing the each and every glimpse of the each news that breaks there. The wireless world is keenly having a tab on this much-awaited Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2008.

Sony Ericsson announced at Barcelona Mobile Wireless World Congress 2008 about their latest 'wireless weapon' in Smart Mobile handset technology and design, Sony Ericsson detailed its FIRST ever phone having Windows Mobile OS, and it is XPERIA XI, smart phone

Xperia XI is an arc sliding smart mobile phone, touch screen technology (as compared to Apple's iPhone), full QWERTY key board, VGA, 3-inch display screen, 5.1 oz weight, supports HSDPA / HSUPA and Wi-Fi standards, slower GSM and Edge networks. Pricing is yet to disclosed, features of windows mobile are inserted like for email: outlook Mobile, for office mobile there is: word, excel, power point, Internet explorer. 

Sony Eriksson seems to shed the current OS in its mobile handsets known as UIQ and it runs with Symbian OS, for the first time Sony Eriksson has used the Windows OS in her Mobile handset, it seems an indication by Sony Eriksson towards its future Love towards Google Android OS for mobiles, who knows, but Android is coming, its certain be its Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Motorola or anyone else...

For the mobile phones segment war is Hot in between Internet giants Google, MSN, Yahoo, Microsoft all are eying to capture the either its wireless, its mobile search or the Mobile operating system (Android, Windows, Symbian or any other OS). Consumer is the King!

Free International Peer to Peer Calls: A Broadband Internet Connection + Any Normal Phone, NO PC Required

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Meaning of, IP Vaani = Internet Protocol Voice (Vaani is Hindi: Indian language word which means Voice).

IPVaani is a free calling service it uses peer to peer technology or we can say person to person real time IP Voice enabled communications services. IPVaani needs a broadband connection to call free via voice / video calling.

The really free Phone to Phone calls could be made here, no need of heavy headsets, Skype Mobile or even a PC / Computer or laptop : ) Just use your any favorite telephone + existing broadband Internet connection...


It’s not a hack, its for real. You only have to pay for your Broadband charges and Never to International calling that was made via broadband telephony!

IPVanni is a free VoIP / VoBB {Voice Over Broad Band} for its subscribers; the subscribers just need a broadband Internet connection with no PC requirement. The normal phones could be used to make calls via Internet broadband and VoIP technology. Good Voice is the promise of IPVaani (I had though never tried, tested or use it, so no guarantees from check it yourself, if you like).

No recurring monthly charges.

How It Works:

IPvaani is a unique calling service it uses the normal phone with any of your existing Internet broadband connection (using VoIP technology) for making Voice / video calls and communications.

The best is that you always are free to make unlimited International / worldwide free calls to other IPvaani subscribers.
What You Need:

* Any existing / new Broadband Internet Connection: Cable or DSL (No PC required),
* Any Regular phone / Cordless phone,
* The Pre configured IPvaani phone adapter (you have to buy it from the site itself, they accept Paypal).

Cheers : )

MTV, Orkut, Airtel: VJ Mia & Ranvijay Date Game

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India: Want to date with MTV's popular VJs Mia and Ranvijay, than here is a news for you that popular channel MTV, in association with Airtel and orkut is having a date game, and it is: Airtel MTV Bid a Date: it is powered by Google’s popular social network orkut!

SMS "BID" to 56882 by cell phone for a pleasant MTV Airtel Orkut date with MTV's VJ, Mia & Ranvijay. 

To make a bid for your Valentine date SMS to 56882.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Unlimited VoIP Calls Russia, US, Israel, Canada, Worldwide

Featured Site:

This Unlimited Calling Site (not free though) but seems interesting and it says hats its the best connection for Russian speaking guys in this world : ) It further elaborates that if you are one of the residents of either Russia (ex USSR), Israel, USA or Canada and communicate with guys in Russia, USA, Canada or Israel quiet frequently than this site TelphinUSA is surely for you.

They have the unlimited calls plan for Russia + Israel + USA + Canada (all combined including mobile phone calling but mobile phones of Russia and Israel are not included currently) package for you just for flat monthly rate of USD 44 only + VoIP calls to over 60 countries for monthly flat rate of USD59.

You do not have to worry for the expensive per minute charges etc. There is a 14 day money back guarantee too to this lucrative offer : ) Its great : ) No need of calling cards, just call on phone Russia, call on phone Israel, call unlimited on phone USA, and call unlimited any time on phone Canada for the flat monthly rates!

Site explains:

Have unlimited calls to Russia included in the monthly cost of your calling plan

Get a direct Moscow, Tel Aviv, … number that will ring in the US, Israel, etc…

Experience Incoming Anywhere Plan where people calling your Moscow or St. Petersburg number will find you anywhere in the world – on any land line or mobile ..."

TelphinUSA is a new startup VoIP Solutions provider and provides VoIP unlimited calls to Russia, Israel, US, Canada and Worldwide.

Telphin claims to be themself as the only VoIP Provider who offers conference calling with the access numbers from USA phones, Moscow, St. Peteresburg, Israel phones, Russian phones, and also to many European phones too...

They claims: TelphinUSA is the only company which offers Moscow or St. Petersburg (Russia) number even when you reside in USA, Canada, Israel, Europe.

TelphinUSA uses PayPal, a global online payment system, to process your credit card payments, so online security and safety is ensured, as Paypal is Global leader in online payments solutions.

They also have Incoming calling anywhere plans: new exclusive service from TelphinUSA: if you wish that you got a call when yours in Russia dials a Moscow number or yours in Israel dials a Tel Aviv number, you can be anywhere in the world and the call for you will reach you on your existing phone including mobile phone, its great : )

They also have: Direct Virtual Numbers - Direct Russian number, direct Israel number, Direct USA, Canada number and Direct Number Europe, Australia, and others, Ring Anywhere in the World!

14 days Money Back Gurantee:

Free Unlimited Worldwide VoIP, Internet to Phone Calls:

Free Calling in Worldwide Telphin Network

All calls make to the phones in the TelphinUSA network globally are free of charge. One can call any destination for any amount of time for free within the TelphinUSA network.

Even one can share his friends, family to sign up for TelphinUSA and never pay for calls to them as when you do, you are sure to get credit for one free month of unlimited international long distance with their Refer A Friend program.

Kingfisher Airlines Flights: FlyBuySMS, Pay mate Service

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India: Leading Indian domestic flights airline carrier Kingfisher Airlines has a service to book tickets etc by the way of simple SMS / Text Messages. It costs the customer with a premium SMS charge of approx. Rs 2 / Rs 3 per SMS for using this service.

Via sending SMS you can search your flight Schedules, flight status, menu, Kingfisher Airlines Guest Assistance etc. 

It’s a SMS based service by King Mobile, Kingfisher Airlines in association with Paymate (a wireless transactions company. They had started this service and are termed as: FlyBuySMS!


Top Apple iPhone Applications at a Glance

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Apple's iPhone users prefer to use these 10 web applications most, on iPhone: 

1. Frenzic - Game
2. Google Search 
3. Google maps: iPod Touch 
4. iDuckHunt Jirbo Game
5. iPunchOut Game
6. Connect4Touch Game 
7. Cam Viewer iPhone, (View Web Cams)
8. Christmas Gifts
9. Zinio Mobile News stand (View magazine Cover Pages)
10. Jirbo Jam

No Music or Movie applications appear in top 10 Apple iPhone list. Also the Web 2.0 is too not popular on iPhone.

Free Worldwide VOIP Calls from Email ... Who Cares Phone Numbers

Featured Site: 

Israeli start up Yoomba allows and let you web based free calls & instant messaging via email, you just need an email ID to use this free service! No special phone no. is even required and you can Talk for free. 

Yoomba VoIP is a peer to peer technology 'game' which makes PCs into a Free calling phone network, and we just need a PC, Internet connection and telephone headset to make and receive free calls from / to all over the world or to make Instant messaging. 

Yoomba software allows to anyone with an email address, which works with Outlook or Outlook Express or, Microsoft Hotmail or Yahoo Mail or Google Gmail etc. 

Start calling the world Free with Yoomba and emails, forget phone numbers now!


Access Laptop / PC From Mobile

Featured Site:

Korea: KTF (Korea Telecom Freetal)has a Mobile phone service called “SHOW myPC”. Here one could remotely access any home PC / Windows PC / Laptop / Computer using his smart cell phone or smart phones, via 3G network. Of course one can view, MS office, *.pdf, and also live video and audio streams of media content direct from your home PC!


Similar: is acquired by Nokia for Mobile Access & Share Technologies, its still Free : )

Mobiles, Cars, Bikes, Flights: Reviews & Survey

Featured Site:

This is a nice and a useful place to get abreast with the latest Mobile Phones, trends, user reviews, comments and survey etc re cell phones, Cars, Bikes, and International Air Carriers and flights etc. 

This is the list of Mobile Brands that are currently being on the list of review and survey. 

Alcatel, Apple, Audiovox, Cingular, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Handspring, HP, i-mate, Kyocera, LG, Mitac, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Panasonic, Pantech, Philips, Qtek 5, Qualcomm, RIM, Sagem, Samsung, Sanyo, Sendo, Sharp, Siemens, Sony, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile


We are starting a feature on Talkfree7: “Mobile Phone Review” All the readers here are invited to take an active part in this feature, just send us the review of any Mobile in the world, and we will publish here it with your details and for free. 

Cheers : )

Free: Compare Mobile Phones India Online: Key features, Budget, Brand

Featured Site:

May be you want to compare the prices, key features, Brands and many more things before buying a new branded cell phone in India?

...Well try this site above for free. Its a nice site to compare the Mobile phones for budget and utilities, camera, MP3, Bluetooth, 3G, Mobile TV, Mobile FM etc. It’s an interesting and useful mobile features’ site. You can here make a quick comparison and decide what to buy a Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung or which Mobile phone is best tailored for your need? : ) 

Cheers : )

Free Incoming Mobile Calls: Reliance Lifetime Prepaid

Reliance Communication had once again started the price war in Indian Mobile arena and slashed the prices of its LIFETIME prepaid Mobile now to Rs. 199/- only for the crazy mobile savvy Indians : ) 

This price war started with Rs. 999 tag, came to Rs. 450/- and now to Rs 199/- for the Lifetime prepaid by reliance. 

All other companies like Airtel, Idea, BSNL, MTNL, Tata Indicom, Hutch will soon follow the reliance and its for sure, the Indians are the winner as they are the consumer like a King : ) 

Cheers : )


Ireland: Free Mobile Calls, VoIP Fring & Blueface

Ireland: Blueface is Ireland’s leading VoIP mobile Telco! They announced the launch of The Ireland’s first ever-free unlimited mobile phone service. Now unlimited cheap mobile local; international and also Internet calls are could be done with Blueface in association with FRING. 

Featured News:

Cheers : )

Qatar: Free Unlimited Call(s) Me Back Service

Qatar: Free Unlimited Call Me Back Service Launched!

Featured Sites:

Sony PSP: Video Calls with BT-UK + VoIP Skype International Calls

Free Featured Links:

PSP: Video Calls (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe along with British Telecommunication, {BT}:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and UK's British Telecommunication (BT) has join hands to make Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) to make Video Calls enabled, this unique contract would make enable Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) to optimize with good quality video handheld calls, all voice calls also some another telecommunication features which requires wireless broadband technology.

This service initially would be start in UK, but could later spread into another other European countries!

Previously it was Nokia's popular N-gage mobile phone which could turn into handheld gaming device, but now its for the very first time that the telecommunication & entertainment are going to blend seamless : ) Telecom technology is going to blend with Video Gaming industry, don’t you think its a revolution??!


VoIP Skype Calls Sony PSP:

Another nice news is that Sony PSP will work with VOIP calling now! Sony's latest official declaration is that the Skype is now enabled with its popular PlayStation Portable (PSP).

One could make Skype International calls with Sony PSP, with almost all Skype features viz.: Skype in or Skype out. Also one could make call your friends along with playing games (Skype is optimized only with PSP 2000 (or means PSP Lite, PSP Slim, PSP Petite)

One could globally or Internationally use this VoIP Skype + Sony PSP combo pack, just you have to sign up with some local SIP VoIP! And you should have some nearby hot wi-fi access point. (It’s free in many locations across the globe, with a SIPGate).

Mobile Phone: Free Google Maps

Featured Site:

Google Maps on Mobile Phone: Download Google Maps Free on your mobile web browser

Cheers : )

SMS-TV or Participation TV: Interactive SMS to TV

Featured Site: 

In Europe SMS / Text Messaging or the content related services using the SMS are becoming day by day popular and widespread. 

Particularly, NOW a TV interactive service SMS-TV / Participation TV is emerging and is experiencing eccentric growth. Here in this SMS-TV the SMS codes are being aired / indicated on the TV screens (Idiot Boxes), and this interactive service than make allow her viewers to Chat, participate / share directly in the programs itself and to make eligible for the purchase of desired contents via mobile / cell phones. 

Like: using the Text Messages / SMS, the esteemed viewers could put and reply answers to the quiz shows etc etc, TV viewers can also play real time interactive Participation TV / SMS-TV Games on the LCD / Plasma / Flat TV screens are any TV they have! Viewers also can cast votes in choosing /selection programs and can easily share or receive other Tele vision interactive content services with MMS SMS-TV.

SMS-TV / Participation TV is a ever increasing and reliable source of revenues and a Big financial source in this current economical scenario! as TV revenue is on decline as of bottleneck competition and on other hand Mobile is on the grow now and participation TV / SMS-TV can provides a new means to deal in mobile /cell /PDA / handheld gadgets contents and it could generate further benefits and much more! This SMS-TV is now is a service which is now actively promoted by the TV stations all over the world / internationally.

Yarosa Mobile Entertainment is one of the leading operators in the SMS-TV / broadcasting / cell phone / mobile entertainment market. They create and develop also market mobile interactivity for the TV broadcasters, around the Globe. Yarosa currently actively provides Mobile Content Services to Interact with TV around the Globe.

Yarosa Entertainment, is a Dutch (Netherlands) based Company and specializes in SMS / MMS / Text messaging / television applications for TV broadcasters, around the world. 

The Index Corporation has to Invest in Yarosa Entertainment B.V. in the Netherlands, and will provide MMS-SMS-TV Services to 30+ Countries globally.

...Another deal will result in making Yarosa Mobile, providing MTV's nine UK channels and range of mobile phone applications all along the UK and the Ireland.

Cheers : )


Download Free SIP Dialer for making Cheap Calls

Featured Site:

Talk more, pay less with SIP Dialer Phones…connect to Internet and make cheap unlimited calls to the world. 

FREE Download a SIP dialer of your choice, also can use any other SIP compliant dialer or softphone if you wish, that you might have...start than making low cost cheap International calls from there.

Cheers : )

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