SMS2.0 Airtel India Launch: Affle is a partner

Airtel has started the SMS2.0 for Indians with Affle (Father of SMS2.0, a mobile media giant) Affle has services in USA, UK and Singapore. 

The current SMS to SMS2.0 upgrade means many new enhanced and innovative features to millions of Mobile phone users across India. Like addition of many different combinations of texts, emoticons, colours and the background etc in the messages. Like recently MTNL in India launched the coloured SMS. 

For the Airtel, the upgrade from SMS to SMS 2.0 will be free. Sending “SMS2” to 543210 could do free download of SMS2.0. 

No charges for any or all downloading + its free, if you want to more sure than may be ask the Airtel customer care for any rates, if any for SMS2.0 : ) 


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