Get Pope's Day's Thought on your Cell phone via SMS

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Its an interesting site / service and it connects you directly to The Gods via Pope : ) 

The site depicts itself as :

"...The Pope's Thought of the Day is a daily premium SMS, or text message, containing daily thoughts, daily prayers and spiritual guidance taken directly from the Pontiff's teachings and delivered to you on your mobile phone..."

To subscribe to the Daily Pope's thoughts via SMS / Text Message on your cell phone just send Message to 'POPE ON' to the number 69999

To unsubscribe, send a SMS / text message containing the words 'STOP POPE' to the number 69999.

The Pope's Thought of the Day is Not for Free and is a Premium SMS that is being offered as for flat $6.99/month.

This service is open to Mobile Phone users in Italy, Ireland, Malta, UK and of course The USA (AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Cingular, Dobson and Alltel currently)...

Cheers : )

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