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A great site to convert videos from Internet in any any format and you can store them to your cell / mobile Phone, PDA, or your video library and its all for free : )

It supports many formats like: Windows Media Player, iPod, Mobile 3GP, Mobile PlayStation, Apple Quicktime, AVI, MP3

The Site has a detailed FAQ:

What are the system-requirements?
Your will need a DSL-connection as well as a Flash-Player.

Why was my video-conversion not successful?
- the link-address (URL) of the video is not complete or incorrect
- you may have insufficient bandwidth or a problem with your line
- the original file contains errors

How can I obtain the best possible results?
The quality of the video conversion depends on the original file. The original file should have a minimum resolution of at least 320x240 pixels.

Is Video hamster compatible with mobile devices?
Yes, the video-conversion can be works with mobile devices and other PDAs, as long as the device has a Broadband connection and supports Flash.

Is there an Offline-Version of Video hamster?
No, Videohamster is only available on the Internet.

How much will this all cost me?
The service is free of charge.

Can I publish a link to Videohamster on my website?
Yes, we are happy to allow you to link, but it must be clearly understood that the link will lead to "videohamster", and that your website does not contain illegal or pornographic content. The link URL should be "".

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